BLENDING LIFE - Anetta (nudity) all. Here is my work in progress. The reference images are from
I’m still trying to make my model similar. C&C welcome.


By the way. It seems that I newer do the right thing with adding pictures.
Is there a tutorial for that? :smiley:

Click “Go Advanced” (bottom button), Then “manage attachments”.

Simply attach the pictures to your post using the manage attachement button. (accessible through the Go Advanced button)
You can then simply use the upload from computer section to choose the images you want to uploade (max 6 per post). Press upload and the images are in the post.
Once done you can use the paperclip button in the editor to choose where to inline the image in your post. If you do not choose to inline it the image is simply appended to the end.

Btw nice start.

Hope it works now.
Thank you guys!


really nice model of yourself. Looking forward to see that finished !

Very good modeling, the proportions look close to perfect. Cute chick also :slight_smile:

This is probably one of the most beautiful reference models on 3dsk. Can’t wait to see the textured version.

Tanks again guys.

Abaut the texturing - I always do a quick test by texturing it from
a point of view. Here is one of them. Well, still a lot to do :frowning:


Keep trying and try to find more textures that will make you pleased about it.

nice base model, like the topology. Good old Anetta keys, she’s actually a porn star, and yes, she’s hot. You can find quite a few 3D recreations over at sites like cgtalk. These reference images were in a free set from once, i think.

I think I will also join the second category.
Here is, what I managed to do for It today. Hope you like it.

Em, do I hawe to start a second thread for this?

Continued here:


Yes, please start your own thread for your WIP so as to not hijack the current one :slight_smile:

awesome topology, could you have some good tutorial for that?

Shure., you can find some here:

Please, don’t focus only on Blender tutorials while searching.
Tutorials for any 3d package will do.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

thank you a lot! very interesting

No problem alysius.

Again some progress here.
C&C welcome.:yes:


The hand in progress …


And if you are going to pose her, there is quite a lot of pictures for inspiration.
Just checked on google. :smiley:

It would be a shame not to do a full body model of her.
Edgeflow looks fine to me.

Good modeling.