Blitzstorm is a multiplayer FPS. Everybody loves pictures, so I’ll give you some screens right up front!


Thanks to the novus terra team for helping with the warehouse map!

Just your basic multiplayer FPS. There will be team deathmatch, duel, maybe CTF, etc…

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Oh crap… This looks awesome. Keep it up guys. Great work so far

Very good Atmosphere and Color Composition.
That Warehouse, though, is the same as in the Fear the Dark Thread, isn’t it? I guess it’s provisoric, or do both of you intend to use it for each Game?

Already looks awesome, I think it would be really cool when it’s finished as you have a nice team and I’m sure you guys will pull off a masterpiece! Is this linked to the 7DFPS thread? :slight_smile:

Edit never mind I see it is from 7DFPS.

It looks like CS:S. This is the kind of thing I wish more people saw and knew it was a Blender game. My brother always gets on Blender because of graphics capabilities(Mainly because he sees all the “cube vs sphere” games).

Wow, this is awesome! Keep up with the good work.

awsome! is this in blender or unity?

Wow, Very Good Job!!!

thanks guys!

C.A: Yea, ex let me use the warehouse. I replaced several of the props with ones we made also.

mrn: blender :wink:

The graphics are, indeed, astounding. I saw some of those props in the Screenshots thread - it looks awesome. Nice job!

Awesome work, as expected from that persons on the team :slight_smile:

Can you tell me the Mist and Sun Settings ?

Looks good! Some of the best graphics I’ve seen. Only crit is that the hand in the gameplay render looks sort of off… the thumb has its joint in the wrong place, I think. Otherwise, as previously mentioned, it looks great!

I think the hand is just a place holder?

nice graphics nice game
is this for the contest?

ya the hand looks kinda weird hopefully its just a placholder.
What is the framerate on the game.
What kinda pc do you have?

Sick graphics. Looks ready to compete with Novus Terra and Fear the Dark(at least graphics wise)!

I’m wondering… Is this a project on top of Cassandra? Or what?

Anyways, this looks awesome so far! Good luck.

Great start guys! Minot crit - NO way you can bend a 100 tons locomotive around a lamp pole :slight_smile:

Looks good, cant wait to see some in game action! :smiley:


[QUOTE=C.A.ligári;2182445]Very good Atmosphere and Color Composition.[QUOTE]

Agreed,looks more interestingg then Battlefield 3.
I want to play this game!

Gameplay video!

Goh: on the map, the pole is bent down completely :wink:

Linkxgl: thanks, and unfortunately I had to put cassandra on hold :frowning: (Team being lazy, not being satisfied with gameplay, etc)

mrn: yep, hand’s placeholder. I’m getting 60 fps, and havent optimized yet. I have a gaming laptop, ASUS republic of gamers.

Nikita: thanks, nope it’s not for the contest. I can’t enter the contest… because… i’m the owner of the contest :stuck_out_tongue:

Laird: thanks, and yep the hand is placeholder

juancarlos: on the large map, I’m not sure what they are. Martinsh changed the settings and I havent seen what he changed them to yet, the .blend is on his PC.