BMW i8 - Shading

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lol :D, but that what i want to avoid :p.

anyway, i modeled the roof and some other things, here you can see :

I don’t know why, but i’m doing my best not to start with the back part, maybe because it’s not that… well i have to :spin:

that’s it, peace.

Nice progress. which is the part you wanted/needed help with?

Yeah really nice mesh , i wich i could create like you.
And you know when i feel stuck at modeling or whatever ,
i take a walk or let it go for some time to get my mind clear and get back at it again.

i was talking about the rear wing (i have some doubts that its not that good), what do you think ?

Thanks, that what i have to do, as my bac exam get closer and closer, so i have to relax a bit :wink:

Ah, thats for your HS diploma right? Like ““Sr. Finals”” here in the US. Je vous souhaite bonne chance!

Anyways. as far as the wing in the back, do you mean the spoiler? or maybe I just dont understand what the car looks like well enough. Maybe you are talking about something else. If you mean the spoiler, I can attest to the strange level of difficulty in making one that looks functional AND good. The shape is kinda tricky, almost like an upside down plane wing. The pressure is lower underneath the spoiler, unlike a planes wing where the low pressure (during lift) is on top. The low pressure underneath the spoiler creates a form of drag, holding the wheels to the ground producing better traction. A spoiler also (more common on street spoilers than race spoilers) directs air flow up instead of back, wraping around the back of the vehicle creating, again, increases drag, reducing your over all max speed and killing your gas milage. The spoiler would help increase gas millage and potentially top speed, though under 130mph, really a spoiler will do nothing for your traction.

i don’t know if you know it… but that was once my approach towards tri’s as well (thanks cg cookie). i learnt it the hard way when i was forced to use tri’s on my model. and to be fair no one gives a duck. this car can use tris on a lot of places i see.

I totally agree, you SHOULD avoid tris if possible, but dont force your self not to. if you cant you cant. For sure if you are newer to car modeling and dont understand the basic edge flow, it wont look good at first, but with some experience understanding basic car edge flow, you can work them in, in a way that actually IMPROVES your geometry instead of hurting it.

@Ghilas_Hardgeek Since I just so happen to know you are not ““new”” to car modeling, you can probably figure out a way to use them O.K. All of my car models that I get complimented on my topo for have TONS of tris, and I just cover up the poor topo with better edge flow.

This is looking incredible…can’t wait to see some renders.

yeah it’s an HS diploma like, merci bien :slight_smile:

i meant this :

i have started the back part, no images for now :slight_smile:

right, can’t always avoid them, but it’s good to put it like a rule of thumb ;).

me too! :smiley:

Hi guys,

here is the back part, not finished yet but it a beggining :D.

from now on, update will happen less frequetly as i should study more :(.

I see what you mean. yeah that looks a little tricky but it appears you got it worked out alright

Here is the back, not the easiest, but i’m glad i have done it :D.

what do you say ?

After that, i should move on to the details, yeah there are a lot of details i’m planning on to add :), peace.

Hey :slight_smile: :

started doing some details, the headlights, the front grill, the windshield and some other things :

(close up on the headlight)

next, i’m gonna do the tires, i think it’s comes with the “245/40 Bridgestone Potenza S001s”


Very neat. Are you keeping the whole car as a single object or you separated each part into an own object?

thanks, i like to separate each part and work on it :slight_smile:

Me too, Ghilas:p