Bmw z4 (wip)

Hey all, this is basically my first real blender project. I’ve started some before in the past, but never finished them, and they looked crappy. It’s nowhere near done yet, and this is just a test model. Constructive crits welcome, but not expecting to fix all the details yet until I’m done with the body. Enjoy! :wink:

(Hopefully I can get some more renders within the next few weeks as I progress.)

Start date of project: 02/11/10


looks good. Good luck with the model

Very nice. Is blender your first 3D app? It looks like you’ve got plenty of experience.

I’ve had blender for a few years, but I’ve never really done anything with it, and within the last 6-10 months I had been trying to do a car model, but they kept turning out bad, and so eventually I gave it up for a bit, and recently I came back to it after looking at loads of tutorials for other programs and such and things seem to be turning around :slight_smile:

We need those wires :slight_smile: Looking promising

Well done! The model is really good. Keep up the good work.

@ tdietz87: Thanks! Yeah I will try to get some wires up after I’ve finished the trunk.

@ Arabian Bird: Thank you. I saw yours as well and it’s lookin good too :slight_smile:

Ajjawz - Thank you!

Gonna be rendering out a clay version of the body tonight. I’ve got the body Pretty much where I want it for now. Will edit some imperfections as I see them, and then within next week or so start adding some windows, headlights, taillights…detail basically. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I have this render that I did a few days ago. I’m accomplished more since then, but I’ll post it anyway, and after tonight I will try and get some wires up. :wink:


Alright, here are the renders I did overnight. Hope you like. And like I said, I will try for some wires sometime soon.

I already see some imperfections, so I think before I continue on to the windows and lights and such, I will fix those.


Hi! Pretty good so far! Congratulations! Can u tell me how do you make this rendering. Its very good. What rendering engine do you use? I want to make a studio render of my model, but i can’t get a good result.
See you :slight_smile:

Well, it’s pretty basic. I’m not the greatest studio renderer haha…it was something I threw together based on what I’ve seen done before.

Here’s a pic of the scene and the spot lamp properties.


Ok man! Thank you a lot. Hope I get a good result!
see you

Hey all, I haven’t been working on this for a little while, plan on getting back on it soon…updates to follow.

Still waiting on those wires :slight_smile:

Hey all, I just started back to work on this recently, I couldn’t do much in April because I was out of state for 2 weeks, and I’ve also been pretty busy. Anyway, here’s an update: I’ve basically finished the headlights (there may be some modifications) and the classic beamer grill (although it doesn’t look perfect, I haven’t decided if I’m going to redo it or not yet).

Ahhh! I keep forgetting to do some of those for ya. I will in the next few days hopefully!

(NOTE: The lower grill of the front will not be subsurfed, so the holes won’t be so circular. :))

I will probably start next on the lower lights that are between the headlights and the low grill.


Nice progress man. :slight_smile: Are you going to model the interior?

Mmm, I haven’t decided yet, I’m not quite sure where to start when it comes to the interior, but I probably will have a go at it.

Alright, I’ve finally taken the time to get some wire shots, if you can call them that :p. Should be adequate for now. :smiley:


Tail lights are pretty much done.