Boeing 737-800 Cockpit VR 360 Pano

Hi this is my personal project Boeing 737-800 NG Cockpit…Modelling done with Blender 2.83,Decal created with Inkscape and Gimp…Render with Blender 2.9 Cycle engine with 2k sample…the whole process took about 2,5 month hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Clay Render

Wireframe Render

360 Pano

You can see more here

Thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome job! Now I remember why I stick to flying Cessnas.
Quarantine has been good for you at least.
Where did you get all the reference material??


Hi Thank You…ahaha i know your feeling…so many toggle and knob here…my reference mainly come from this site ,photo from the real cockpit and 737 Aircraft Maintenance Manual…


This is ridiculous… :open_mouth:

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I had to take a similar approach. I’m building a FW 190 A8 cockpit at the moment and used the Fw 190 A8 model from the flight sim DCS World. I doubled checked the game vs old black and white photos from reference books. Finding good clear colors photos of an original cockpit was impossible.

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@xscience hey, are you kidding us???:fearful:
I think you photoshooted when airbuses are stayed on the airport and exactly, when airports are lockdown from CoVID-19 :joy::joy:

Woah nice…can’t wait to see the result…yeah modelling vintage vehicle can be frustating sometimes…lack of refference if we want it to be historical accuracy…same fate with my uboat model…maybe you could try search in the model kit builder forum they often share the paint there.

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Thank You :smiley:

shhh don’t say it out loud lol…Thank You anyway :smiley:

Adding 360 Pano Video

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Wow! Very good.
A labour of love!

Hi Thank You Very much :smiley:

Nice job, mate!

Thank You Sir :smiley:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank You Sir, it’s an honor…Have a great weekend too…:smiley:

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You’re #featured! :tada:

Well, well you miss two buttons in … left bottom corner, and I do not see important emergency lever “Bring me cold beer ASAP” :wink:
Seriously, when you make fictional cockpit this can be good fun, but when you must follow real design this … are not so funny. Not to mention hassle about gathering references. Great work.

That is indeed an insane amount of work ! Fantastic to see so much done with Blender.
thanks for sharing.

well somebody went insane here :wink:

superb modeling !