Boeing 757


Any aircraft freaks here? :wink: As a summer project I decided to re-model my very first project, Boeing 757-200. Body was pretty easy but cockpit was a challenging mixture of Google images and Youtube. Well, it is turning out to be quite neat so I decided to post some quick renders here.

The triangle count is high but relatively low, 400k for the whole plane including cockpit and landing gears. Maybe this is ending up in a simulator… Maybe.


That looks great so far. Where did you get all your reference material? Do you have access to actual mechanical drawings or is this all from photographs?

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good point where did you get all the reference drawings for this ?

but it does start to look good

time to add some color LOL

happy bl

Oh, hell yes!

For the most important panels I’ve found actual sizes on the internet but no, no technical drawings, mostly just judging by eye and redoing when a new picture is found. Tbh I’ve never visited a modern aircraft cockpit in real life :smiley:

Still some modeling to do before coloring :slight_smile:

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This is really good. But I know that it will be one hell if a job to uv-unwrap eveything an to texture it. Hopefully you are able to maintain a certain level of motivation to finish this project. :rolleyes: Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the great work.

Greetings from Germany,

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how many verts for the model ?

happy bl

311,390 verts

A very quick render.



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Very convincing for a quick render.

Overhead almost ready

MCP ready for action

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Main instrument panel textured


Outstanding. I love the glowing instruments.

Love all that obsessive detail work.

Phew. Why not more instrument lighting?


Amazing, congratulations…

Awesome stuff :yes: Really good man.

Going to some sim? Or just because? Reminds me of the level of detail some sim-fans go to for custom FS-X or FlightGear models.

Wow - great level of detail, you must have put a lot of hours in to get this far.