Boeing 757

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Actually, I’m the one behind the Flightgear’s 757, which was also the first model I modeled. So to celebrate my 4th year with blender I decided to remodel the whole thing.

But where this ends to, no idea. Giving it away for free feels wrong but finding a good team to work with it would need serious effort. X-plane, possibly.

I baked some brown textures:

I want to push all the buttons. All of them.


Closer to the finish line than ever before.

Looks great!

Are you using an HDRI to light the scene?

Excellent job! I’m X-Plane an developer. PM me if you want any info about X-Plane.

No HDRI used, just some random blue image that I found on my hard disk wrapped around the cockpit only.

Airfighter, do you have any experience in doing aircraft mods or just scenery mods?

Now I’m doing only aircraft development. Here are some random images of the aircraft I have already release.

That’s and upgrade for X-Plane default. It’s freeware and you can get it from here:

Also with a team I’m developing the DC-9 for X-Plane.

how many verts to do the whole cockpit ?

it is looking nice

I did a cockpit for some old bomber WWII
like B-24
but never finish the outside of the plane around it
and all mesh so a bit high res LOL

happy cl

375k verts / 490k tris for the whole plane,

295k verts / 374k tris for the cockpit only

it’s not super light but on the other hand it’s not super heavy either.

Engines still need some attention.


Outstanding amount of detail!

hell awesome

Front landing gear WIP :slight_smile:

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That’s an awesome work buddy! How did you make indicator textures (with digit values and indicators on it) in the main instrument panel? Could you share please a workflow a little bit?

About all the instrument textures have been made in Gimp 2.8 using screenshots and pictures of the real thing in the background. Most of the text is made with Gimp’s text tool but some of them (displays) had to be painted with a brush.

On that I added an ambient occlusion layer for the game compatible textures.

Thank you! Have to check out this tool.

The RB211-535E4 engine was surprisingly complex.


is this project still alive?

It most certainly is, but making progress is very slow mainly because of school at the moment.

I understand that very good since i am a school pupil too :smiley: :laughing: although have you got any ETA? i am not saying like exactly… just nearly like 2Q2019 or something like that…

also i have read earlier replies but i just want to make sure so i don’t misunderstand… is this 757 going to be for x-plane 11? also this is going to be payware right?