Bone2.1 (Mature Shooter with a crazy theme)

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***Falls over drunk

Kill the Tweety birds, I COMAND YOU!!!


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***Falls over drunk

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All I did was upgrade it to 2.49a

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what the hell are you talking about?

check the screenshots, play it and find out!

First off, We cant even tell what the screen shots are of. It looks like a bunch of mumble jumble.
Secondly, give us a good description not a bunch of tweet tweet flutter stuff.
I am not about to download something like looks like it will be a waste of time. I
Im sure its a decent game, but present it seriously and somewhat professionaly.

It is more or less a bunch of mumble jumble, if you dont like the tweets, you wont like this type of game, it is intended for people mature enough to relate to drugs and basically mental subject matter.

Also, this game was made in 2008 and most of the people who know my work would have just guessed what happened, when I released it it was very slow because of Blender internal errors related to working with duplicate game objects, wich is how I create the infinite space in the game.

you can read more about the game by going to my site and reading about it.

Thank you


All I’m saying is dont just post a bunch of non descriptive tweets and what not.
As far as “most of the people who know my work would have just guessed what happened”
you should let people who don’t know your work know what going on.
In the end. Its a very retarded way of presenting your game.

Im sorry sir?

Retarded? go post your narrow minded comments somewhere else, retarded people are suffering how dare you!!!, if you continue posting here I will report you further.

in my contry discrimination is a serious offence.

fuck off!

Wow that was a very mature way to take it! :smiley:

J/K :RocknRoll:

Woah bloody hell - It’s a quite finished game from what I could figure out, although the subject matter is probably quite taboo. I have a feeling you could put those BGE skills to better use than trying to make a fairly tasteless and pointless drugs game.

I agree aquatic penguin, games are more than entertainment today, its like movies or books, you usually extract something usefull about the characters or the enviornment. Create a game about this kind of subject only contribute for increase the drug use in certain way, just like GTA and other stuped games like this ones.
For me if all drug dealers die overnight I’ll be very very happy, but, we can t get all we want!

Considering the arguments I would agree to not make games that could encourage drug use.

Case in point when I attended my cousin’s graduation ceremony in one of the bigger towns in northwestern Kansas (which is still not very big), the town’s highschool has a dropout rate approaching 40 percent and a good chunk of that was because of the use of drugs.

The teen drug-use rate in that town is somewhat high when you consider the total size and was part of the reason why they started with around 90 students in that class, but only around 65 graduated.

SOrry, but your game is one of the most shitless games made in blender ever.
I downloaded it, ran it, and what i saw? A little 400x300 window, where the game was running, next step was Purchasing your “game”, wtf??. Menu was pretty good, but loading lagged to me for 5 minutes. After, i born in that city(city and hair of character are only good things in your game), i started to play, but your inventory isnt working, it is functioning only sometimes, when I neared to motocycle and used motocycle in inventory to it, motocycle dissapeared and nothing has happened. I didnt figured, what is point of your game.And sounds wasnt.

I hope you understand so sorry for my english :smiley:

yokozuna - it does work, maybe you are to stupid to play it.

Also, you dont like drugs? Im sorry but its a multi Billion dollar and ““legal”” industry.


you obviously know nothing and are too imature to play a game like this!

It says in big print in the beginning of the game that if you dont buy it, no motorbike for you!

Please, I know you only have five minuts to test a game, but really it takes years for me and five minuts testing is just going to make you seem even more narrow minded than you already are.

Thank you


What the heck is mature about drugs!
and insulting the poeple who you want to download the game isnt going to make them want to download it.

This isnt to pick on those of you who dislike drugs, But its the User whos to blame not the Drug itself, Theres plenty of drugs out there, most are to help people, and some are JUST for recreation, if the User abuses this situation, then its the Users problem, I just hate to see people Pick and poke at somthing that if wasnt implimented we would have alot more deaths, then we have now from drug abuse (And its called Drug Abuse for a reason, So dont Abuse your drugs if you do do them, Overdose or Addiction will ensue), Thats all ill say, As towards the game It needs work but good attempt, I noticed its in alpha (2.49a - a Representing the Alpha Stage) I wouldnt pay for somthing in alpha, and id suggest moving it on past Alpha and Beta before you represent somthing for purchase, however if im wrong on the a situation id still suggest to move it from a to just the version number to stop confusion.

well, alot of people are offended by drugs, but most people use alcohol/coffee/cigarettes/marijuana (light drugs) but they think its not drugs because its legal, I have to take medicine, wich the govenment has even forced me to take, so that it why I made this game, and, alot of parents are feeding their kids drugs all the time and they are perfectly healthy…

Yeah recreation that has caused the deaths of like billions of human lives.

Abuse Caused those deaths not the drug they could have done it once or over a course of 1 time a month and been totally fine

you can die in your sleep, I am pretty sure people have died doing anything and everything from eating to swimming etc

Sept PCP once a year is the only way that one can go down well