Boundary Aligned Remesh [Bookyakuno Edit]

Remesh while holding Boundary edges, edge angles, and other characteristic edges

It is useful for re-meshing meshes extracted from high poly and geometry generated from Cloth, Text and Vector Curves data.




  • Property >Mesh Data >Remesh >Boundary Aligned Remesh
  • 3D View >Sculpt >Remesh >Boundary Aligned Remesh
  • 3D View >Right Mouse Click Menu >Boundary Aligned Remesh


  • Remove 2 side vertices
  • Reduce the polygons on the border
    • Prioritize less polygons over maintaining complete boundaries
    • Feature edge retention may not be fully retained
  • Transfer UV
    • Preserve UVs using a mesh transfer modifier
  • mirror
    • Use the mirror modifier to mirror after remeshing
    • X/Y/Z axis mirrors are available

Preserve distinctive edges

Prevents remeshing by separating the specified edges in advance

  • Edge angle
  • Selected edge
  • Seam
  • sharp
  • Bevel weight
  • Crease

This add-on is a version derived from the add-on created by Jean Da Costa.

Boundary Aligned Remesh ver1.0.0-Github

Changes from ver1.0.0

  • Made it work on meshes without open edges
  • Rectangle option enabled by default
  • Added the menu
  • Changed operator property to scene property
  • Added many options


  • Topology quality is lower than voxel remesh
  • It works for meshes without open edges, but in some cases it may not work properly




great enhancements, I’m using original boundary aligned remesh for terrain meshes, sometimes I’m getting random splited vertex/edges inside middle mesh… I’ll try your version… nice this working for non opened meshes too.

Awesome stuff. You made it work on 3d models :grinning:

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Hey great addon, right click seems to be broken with this addon, using 2.93.