Branch soc-2014-nurbs update to master

branch soc-2014-nurbs update to master

Blender Nurbs Update update opennurbs lib to new version 7.x now file import can read rhino 6 or higher file.

source/blender/editors/io/io_rhino_import.cpp #b3d #blender #nurbs #rhino #import


I doubt it

But something is moving on…

origin Branch soc-2014-nurbs code by Jonathan deWerd.
import Rhino3D file format use opennurbs lib. current can:
1,import simple nurbs/bezier curve
2,import simple trim curve
3,import simple nurbs surface with/without trim (need rework)
4,import 3dm subdiv object type use proxymesh

Windwos build but I can’t test it I have Linux OS


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I Tested right now with WineHQ, and its working well for the early stage of developments.

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Here a test of imported file saved and opened with standard release.
But with some works…

Below an other test with network surface made in Moi3D but with end point V selected.

Logo with tweaking.

here the subD logo 3dm imported correctly as mesh


is this the only thing new for Nurbs things ?

there are so many other improvement to be done for Nurbs tools!

and when is this coming into blender is it 2.83 ?

I guess this is part of a branch and not in daily built !

happy bl

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That is the first working thing after 20 years on Blender NUBRS…


Once we have a solid base of real imported nurbs models, the rest will be much easier, the interested devs will be able to create the tools needed to modify these models imported directly into nurbs one piece at a time, which are not many things needed: boolean operations and therefore trimming, and in case of evolution - making some functions native that addons already do discreetly …
but having for example Moi 3D and Rhino as companions is already a huge step forward.


would be nice to get the Nurbs patches and also the Nurbs to mesh and mesh to Nurbs
there is if possible add the new T nurbs with holes
there are lib for that now - so just a matter of integrating it in blendre

that would make a major difference and upgrade

happy bl

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I add tspline import lib to this which tessellate tspline to tri-mesh.

The origin soc-2014-nurbs code have three separate parts:
1,import 3dm use opennurbs lib
2,refactor Blender nurbs code base to support trimmed nurbs
3,add uv editor support add trim curve

these codes have some funtion but not completely ready for production.

there need a plan to still develop nurbs. like which base line should blender nurbs function support on base code, how to develop tools for artists use these nurbs function etc.
I hounting some bugs form the origin code ,but didn’t handle the old draw code in uv editor, in my opinion ,blender’s uv editor should update heavily,there will be another story.


I don’t built blender

so Is there an SVN for win on graphical?

would like to test this ?

also does this latest version has the new edit tools like we have for mesh topo ?

any plan to get it integrated for 2.9 may be?

what would be missing right now for full implementation ?

happy bl

are there other new things to be added soon
to make it easier to edit Nurbs surfaces ?

if anyone has an SVN for Win let me know would like to test it!

happy bl

For now no more builds, the developing depend on some code review and update where no one are able or intend to get that ready for the next stage of integration.

Anyway for who can be interested I found this old book avaittble on web but Each of the C implementations is copyrighted by the author. Noncommercial use is authorized. Commercial use requires written permission of the author.
An Introduction to NURBS by David F. Rogers

If I weren’t so ignorant on the subject I would have been busy for several years devloping this in Blender but I’m too stupid to understand these notions.


Hi, Are there any news on this?

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The developer asked for a review of some parts of code, until that review happen the develop is in pause… sadly an other break, that is the hardest for developer, I think the N.U.R.B.S. code, require more clever and skilled developer than other parts, otherwise that is incomprehensible, these parts lacks of coders. but I’m always hopefully now more than before, with the latest growing of Blender, maybe a Chines guy :sunglasses:

for me, the main expectation is the conversion of subdivision into t-splines
end EXPORT nurbs solids (may be with #sverchok)
of course it all depends on all three points and working with the opennourbs library
I hope that the blender will be able to do this!

In a previous thread, T-Splines Opensource Library, there was an inconclusive discussion of the patent protection of t-splines. Despite there being an open source library that has them, it is not clear that Blender should take the risk of including them.

That info very hard understanding for me)))

are there any new tools being added right now by one of the dev and any SVN on win to test it ?

and is there some way to make a new algo to perform these T spline models ?

happy bl