Brave Brass Brazing Bandits II /// Blender NPR Morphing Halftone Animation

Soon there will be Braille on your Brass. So you better Barf the Bass.

I modelled and rendered some Images for the different Tiers on patreon in a non photorealistic and very stylized fashion.
And while I did that I figured why not morph them all the way through the brass instruments to amaze you with a mesmerizing animation that does not stop any time soon.

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink, I have a patreon now! Is this a very artsy and shamelessly self promoting advertisement? Oh yes, go support this crap on patreon, check out the different tiers and get involved, support interesting art and future projects.

This is the second iteration. Big Thanks to youtube user MarginallyCompetent for getting me started with NPR halftone shading. I like this halftone shaded version better, but you can watch the older version here:

Or just grab the free .blend file for this interesting morphing animation and get educated on how to do shape-shifting animations in blender like every brave brass brazing bandit would do!

free .blend file download:

Find my previous animation here: