Brecht's easter egg surprise: Modernizing shading and rendering


Enjoy the news:

Brecht’s back working for Blender Institute :slight_smile: With Campbell the three of us will keep supporting all other developers and work on some of the most essential improvements that just take a long time to work on. Exciting times ahead!


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made my day!

EDIT: ok, watched the video, now it probably made my week! good times ahead!

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Happy Days!

…and welcome back Brecht.


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wow!!! just seen on

This is amazing news!!! How comes that brecht is back at the blender foundation? better employer? ^^
I am looking forward!!
The Demo is great!

Welcome back Brecht! This is very exciting news, too good to be true :slight_smile:

Wow. Good stuff.

I’m really looking forward to this!

Great to see you back Brecht.

Ton u da man !!!

I am without words.
Put some advice in the title of this thread so people with a weak heart don’t look at the video at risk of heart attack!!!
Incredible rendering speed blender is going to have.

bao2 i think i just had a heart attack ,this is incredible the pace at which blender is being developed is marvelous…

Great news and a great boost to blender’s development!!!

Delighted to here this, personally I believe this is the key area where Blender is lacking a little in comparison to the proprietary competition. Such a feature that can be used in tandem with mesh proxies and the physics side of things for example would be an absolute joy to behold! Thank you very much, I can’t wait to begin experimenting with the results of this ‘Cycles’ engine. (cool name for a renderer also!)

Amazing, incredible, fabulous, prodigious, phenomenal, insane, astonishing, extraordinary, staggering, mind-blowing, unbelievable, fantastic, remarkable, … … … …

wow wow wow :smiley: Thanks Brecht !

Thank you!!!

So, this is what I call improvement!
It’s also nice to read about ideas of improving the flexibility and cooperation between Blender and other rendering engines.
Keep it up!

“real time rendering”! Yes!!

Shading and Rendering improvement’s… :slight_smile:

Happy Happy Happy Joy joy joy… :smiley:

Thanks fella’s and hope things go well

An other great Brecht’s work !

Video is really impressive.
Is Cycles supposed to suport microdisplacement and Ptex ?
Does it mean a new interface for Game Engine’s shaders or nodes for GE’s shaders, too ?

Think : How can you do a VFX for a movie without caustics when you want to make some glass breaking and so on ? hmm… it was logicaly that this will happen and the real need of N-Gons from B-Mesh and the new Nurbs that are waiting to merge from near half year.

This it is the need and hope will be more developers on the boat.