Brecht's easter egg surprise: Modernizing shading and rendering

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Enjoy the news:

Brecht’s back working for Blender Institute :slight_smile: With Campbell the three of us will keep supporting all other developers and work on some of the most essential improvements that just take a long time to work on. Exciting times ahead!


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(JoS) #2

made my day!

EDIT: ok, watched the video, now it probably made my week! good times ahead!

(organic) #3

Happy Days!

…and welcome back Brecht.


(ndee) #4

wow!!! just seen on

This is amazing news!!! How comes that brecht is back at the blender foundation? better employer? ^^
I am looking forward!!
The Demo is great!

(antiwar) #5

Welcome back Brecht! This is very exciting news, too good to be true :slight_smile:

(BigBlend) #6

Wow. Good stuff.

(GottfriedHofmann) #7

I’m really looking forward to this!

(handlebar) #8

Great to see you back Brecht.

(superhero) #9

Ton u da man !!!

(Bao2) #10

I am without words.
Put some advice in the title of this thread so people with a weak heart don’t look at the video at risk of heart attack!!!
Incredible rendering speed blender is going to have.

(superhero) #11

bao2 i think i just had a heart attack ,this is incredible the pace at which blender is being developed is marvelous…

(revolt_randy) #12

Great news and a great boost to blender’s development!!!

(seanser) #13

Delighted to here this, personally I believe this is the key area where Blender is lacking a little in comparison to the proprietary competition. Such a feature that can be used in tandem with mesh proxies and the physics side of things for example would be an absolute joy to behold! Thank you very much, I can’t wait to begin experimenting with the results of this ‘Cycles’ engine. (cool name for a renderer also!)

(dono) #14

Amazing, incredible, fabulous, prodigious, phenomenal, insane, astonishing, extraordinary, staggering, mind-blowing, unbelievable, fantastic, remarkable, … … … …

wow wow wow :smiley: Thanks Brecht !

(michalis) #15

Thank you!!!


So, this is what I call improvement!
It’s also nice to read about ideas of improving the flexibility and cooperation between Blender and other rendering engines.
Keep it up!

(GraphiX) #17

“real time rendering”! Yes!!

(bingoul) #18

Shading and Rendering improvement’s… :slight_smile:

Happy Happy Happy Joy joy joy… :smiley:

Thanks fella’s and hope things go well

(zeauro) #19

An other great Brecht’s work !

Video is really impressive.
Is Cycles supposed to suport microdisplacement and Ptex ?
Does it mean a new interface for Game Engine’s shaders or nodes for GE’s shaders, too ?

(Numarul7) #20

Think : How can you do a VFX for a movie without caustics when you want to make some glass breaking and so on ? hmm… it was logicaly that this will happen and the real need of N-Gons from B-Mesh and the new Nurbs that are waiting to merge from near half year.

This it is the need and hope will be more developers on the boat.