Brutalist sculpture... with ducks

Hi everyone,
I keep on working on topics related to brutalism, hope there are other fans out here and you don’t all see that as pieces of concrete junk :smiley:

Technically, even though it remains a very simple scene again, I think there are interesting points:

  1. The topology was not easy to be able to displace the end result. I started by applying arrays in all 3 axis’s to a simple cube. I deletes what I wanted. I made a new curved element that could merge with the cubes (only 4 verts on the connecting face), trying to make things as clean as possible.

I cleaned the geometry (thanks to this answered question). In the end, I still had to remesh unfortunately, but the final result is quite clean. A reflective plane with a musgrave texture in the bump height socket is enough for the water. Time to download some CC0 duck here , rig it, make one that is itchy and one that is hungry, don’t forget to render the mist pass, a bit of compositing and Taadaa!

You can see on the image below that the pillar at the back has a super clean geometry. Nevertheless, it was still not good enough for subsurface and displacement, so I had to go the remesh route, which introduced a lot of artifacts, but in the end it is still worth it

  1. The pillar at the back has an image-based texture (from my photoshoots of the gloomy days), while the material of the pillar at the front is fully procedural

Hope you guys like it, and don’t hesitate leaving a little comment!


Well, maybe not so finished, still having quite a bit of fun with rendering.

Do you guys like the dark one better or the bright one?

Also, I got this, I’m not sure what to think about it, opinions?

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