Burster Plugin (Web Plugin for Blender Games)

Now we have Blender Web Plugin!!! It is called Burster.

Project website:

Take a look at my article with examples:

Firefox don’t recognize the plugin ( libburster.so) in my Linux Debian Squeeze 64?!
I’ve tried my home directory ( ~/.mozilla/plugins), and the system one ( /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins) locations!

For me, it opens the plugin in firefox, yet it gives an error. It works in Internet Explorer
(Y) from me by looking at the demo’s, but haven’t tried my own blends yet.
Download it!!!

I’ve download it too. The exemples on the producers page work very nice with Mozilla. On IE i was asked to download Adobe Player, wich I didn’t because I don’t like IE. It worked just fine, only I couldn’t use the controls (problably because I didn’t download Adobe Player).

Could someone with more experience help us newbies with a review on geta3d product: Burster Player?

how did you work it in mozilla

oh, it works, but not with autostart

Yeah, recommend this around the forums. its great :smiley:

It did not work for me on firefox-3.6.12 on Archlinux

I click the example, and a horizontal bar appears in the window frame, but nothing happens.

Looks very promising!

I hope you keep working on it!

I Posted the news with Burster and i don’t saw that it is posted…

Hello OTO,

Did you download the 64bit version of the Bursterplayer? I could help you with the installation if you can provide me more informations.

Where do you have your flash player?

To get the controls works you need to left click on plugins area.

I got this error on Google Chrome for every single example (screen shot included)


Yes, it seems this plugin works selectively. I attempted to install it on my Ubuntu partition, but I didn’t get anywhere. Works fine on my Windows XP partition, albeit with a few errors once in a while. I managed to load one of my FPS demos in its entirety, without a crash.

I like the plugin, but it would be nice if it were better supported.

IE asking for Adobe Player on myinventions because of small SyntaxHighlighter error. You don’t need to install Adobe Player to work with Burster.

great plugin! I like it very much, it works smooth on my machine. I had to add two symlinks to usr/libs in order to make it works on my ubuntu 10.10 because libcrypto.so.1.0.0 and libssl.so.1.0.0 was missing

If you are getting the corrupted file issue, make sure your blend is not autostart or compressed.
mine says “the file certificate has expired”
i dont have one, and from what i gather you don’t need one if your just using it without encryption

see comments on http://www.blendernation.com/2010/11/02/burster-blender-web-player/ for more info

The plugin works very well on Linux Mint 9 Main Edition. I’m using the official 2.49b blenderplayer from blender.org, and I placed the burster plugin in my ~/.mozilla/plugins folder. A few things I have noticed:

Fullscreen mode WORKS! :slight_smile: When “fullscreen” is set in Game Frame Settings, the game loads fullscreen.
(ESC to quit fullscreen game) http://www.blendenzo.com/files/burster/index.php?blend=fullscreen_demo
The “Game: Quit Game” actuator works in fullscreen and embedded plugin. This is good. Please don’t change.

In blenderplayer, the mouse cursor is hidden by default and enabled with Rasterizer.showMouse(1). In Burster (embedded, not fullscreen), the mouse must be hidden using Rasterizer.showMouse(0). This is not a big problem, just inconsistent with the way blenderplayer works.

When a mouselook script takes control of the mouse in Burster, there is no way to take control of the mouse back from the game (unless the game releases the mouse). This is not good. Many people would not know how to regain control of their mouse (Ctrl + W to close tab in Firefox), causing them to become frustrated and perhaps restart their computer.

Edit: I have not had much time to test things as of late, but from what the Burster team has posted, I believe the security concerns I had raised have been addressed. I don’t want to further detract from the progress of this plugin by leaving my outdated security concerns here. If I find further security problems after testing, I will make the Burster team aware so they can be fixed.

Nice review blendenzo
specially the security part, that, most of the times, no one cares!
Weird, that the plugin don’t even appear in Mozilla plugins list, in my Debian?..

No one has mentioned sound, I checked it, it does work too in Burster! But be aware that the file size might become very large. Same with textures, but believe me or not, you could make textures of 1kb.

And I DO CARE about security, my dream is to make something commercial with Blender (and other awsomeness programs like GIMP etc.), but that would still be quite a few years away from now. For now study and practice until… Until something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: What about connecting your Blender file with a MySQL database using Python using Burster, would that be possible/a good idea? Multiplayer games with Burster (when security issues solved?)?