C.I.R.I.S - Last Update 7.24.2014


Name: C.I.R.I.S
Developer: Astrum Studios
Game Engine: Blender Game Engine (BGE)
Release Date: NA
Genre: Third Person Shooter

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Nothing in this project is final! I’m very indecisive so I will constantly be changing and modifying my work and the game.

C.I.R.I.S is a third person shooter for pc set in the distant future, where you play as a next generation combat robot known as a C.I.R.I.S (Cy-rus) bot, programmed to do one thing, kill. As you progress in the game your character starts to think for himself and starts making his own decisions. The game features a unique environment and touches on subject matter like the human race, artificial selection, and genocide.

http://i.imgur.com/6j8gBEg.pngLatest Video

Update #7


TCR - 24 Low Poly Model

A description of what it is going to be about would be nice.

Good call!

Done! Thanks for the feedback!

It looks great can’t wait to see more

Thanks! [Insert more than 10 characters here]

Nice… Skybox or skydome?

Thanks! Skybox at the moment, but i need to find a better image because the seams are a little rough with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Poll now closed at the request of the OP

Thank you!

Player arms, 981 faces, not rigged yet! I’ll hopefully be rigging them this weekend and re-doing all my animations. Hopefully I’ll have an update video by next week!

Hmm, looks like the poll is still here :confused: No matter, Heres a concept for the planet where the game takes place.

I love the gun rotation efect. Very professional.

Thank you!

Move the holographic sight closer to the player? its a little bit far away. Great progress so far though!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll give it a try!

Decided to pick up on this project again! Going for a TPS style game. So re-doing alot of things. Here is one of the guns from the game.

New Weapon Customization Interface (WIP)

Note that most of the attatchments are just placeholders and will be re-made.

New update, first one since switching the game style.

Change Log

  • Test Field
  • 3rd person walking setup
  • new CIRIS robot character
  • TCR24 + attachments
  • added attachment customization system

*basically the entire game

  • everything from before…

Update #5

Change Log

  • Vehicle test (model is not final)
  • Crates
  • Multiple firing modes
  • HUD test
  • Player arms now track camera
  • basic sound effects
  • crates
  • light settings
  • sky texture
  • player animations
  • player movement
  • aiming
  • Customize screen GUI (not shown in video)