CAD Snap Utilities


(sceyefeye) #261

Hi, bought this through blender market, have not received an email for

(mano-wii) #262

This is weird. According to the history of the site. The update 5_0_1 was released on 10 October.
All customers were informed. :
If you are not being notified it is necessary to report the problem on the site.

But why you want the version 5_0_1 once the last version is the

(hris) #263

Is possible to draw perpendicular line from other line? (but line is not on x or y axis). If line is rotated for example on 67.5 degree is possible to draw a new perpendicular line from this rotated line? I watched all movies and i can’t see that feature :frowning:

(mano-wii) #264

Not directly, yet. But there’s a way around this limitation. I’ve posted a gif explaining how to get the perpendicular from a known point in a segment. Here’s the gif (I use Shift constrain):

(hris) #265

it’s great addon, but actually it’s only half-useful :frowning: Too many clicking around to get a aim. I suppose that next step should be add exactly THAT feature. And second step maybe (if it’s possible) should be add option to copy edges with some offset (user value) like in Sketchup, and with chance to write how many copies of edge should be copied (maybe the same tool for faces with possibilities to copy face with offset and amount of copies). Than many users will bought this script instead importing their sketchup models (me to). 21 dollars for this script is very good price, but i will wait for more features for drawing and copying edges or faces.
Thank You for Your hard work for our community!

(Pitiwazou) #266

Your addon is really great for the line because of the snapping, when cleanning a mesh it’s realy nice !

Do you think it could be possible to cut trough a mesh like the knife tool ?
If it will be possible, I will not use the knife anymore ^^

(mano-wii) #267

The way the LINE tool works now, I fear that this feature is not feasible :frowning:
With respect to LINE tool, the plans are:

  • Automatically cut the faces that you create closed loops;
  • Improve some minor inconsistencies by creating faces;
  • Improve snapping to other objects in the scene;
  • Add constrain which creates perpendicular segment depending on the cursor position;
  • *Add angular Constraints.

Currently I am trying to improve the snap functions in Blender itself. But Blender developers need to review those ideas.
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(Pitiwazou) #268

Ok ^^

thx for your answer :wink:

I will use both tools so ^^

(Carrozza) #269

Interesting stuff here, just subscribed this thread.

Keep up the good work!

(JuhaW) #270

Latest version, go to edit mode and click line button:

(mano-wii) #271

This was because the latest version only works with the latest builds of Blender downloaded here:

However I updated the add-on to work with both versions (for now). Now the add-on also works in the official version of Blender

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

(sceyefeye) #272

I will notify on the site, but it was not the version I was chasing rather that I had not received an email.

(patoaltaco) #273

Hi Nano,

For some reason I cant snap to other objects. I have a plane wich I want to cut with the addon, i want to make cuts referencing to other object, I have tilt the the option snap to outer vertices, but still nothing snaps to them.
The plane I want to cut is like a “floor” the other object I want to snap on are the “walls”…
Do you know what could be the problem.


(mano-wii) #274

Hi @patoaltaco :slight_smile:

To cut an object, it must be in edit mode,
Strange you say that the option: “snap to outer verts” not be working. I’ll take a look to see what’s going on. So it will soon be fixed.

Thanks for the info

(Leafar) #275

Honestly, the addon is amazing but a little bit expensive IMHO. I wish Blender could have the option to move objets like you do with your addon. Nice job!!

(hike1) #276

‘The easiest way to install Snap Utilities is to do so directly from Blender. You can do this by going to File > User Preferences > Add-ons > Install from File. This will open a File Browser in Blender, allowing you to navigate to and select the file you downloaded. Press Install from file. Once installed, Blender should automatically filter the addons list to show only Snap Utilities You can then enable the add-on by clicking the checkbox on the upper right of the add-on panel.’

I did this with lite version, nothing shows up.

(mano-wii) #277

In the lite version you have to install the file with extension *.py
Extract the file and search for “”.

I hope this helps

(chloesdad) #278

Just installed the addon.
When I add an object (plane, cube, etc.), and go into Edit Mode to use the addon, only the ‘Snap Utilities’ appears.
The Line, Move, Rotate, and Settings buttons are not there. Am I overlooking something?
Official Blender 2.76b
Hash f337fea

Thanks in advance.

(chloesdad) #279

Hi mano-wil,
Disregard my first post; I was installing improperly! All’s well now.
Another case of ‘user error’.

(Okavango) #280

Hi mano-wii, any news on the snap feature progress? Or the inclusion to the Blender code?