Calvin & Hobbes: the big bang

After the Snoopy comic strip I did last time, I really wanted to make another one with Calvin & Hobbes, and there it is :slight_smile:
It was alot harder to translate this one into 3D, especially Calvin’s head.
Everything was made in blender, of course it’s a reproduction of an original comic strip by Bill Watterson.

You can use annotations to navigate in Sketchfab:

Hope you enjoy, comment and feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


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Really cool !

I agree, really COOL.


That is so freaking cool.

I’ve seen something similar a few days ago, it might be one of your artwork.
What an amazing idea. We still feel the comic touch from every angle.

Really a great idea, and very well done, compliments!!

For the smart use of freestyle and sketchfab it deserves the top row!


That is really something - I love the way it feels even when you enter the scene and rotate in, and you see the dimension unfold. Top row!

oh wow… I wasn’t expecting that. Very neat!

Wow this is f amazing ! Love the idea.

thanks so much guys :slight_smile:
@pieriko I did the snoopy before, but I think you might be talking aboutthis oneI saw recently too :slight_smile:
@sourvinos thank you so much!

an animation or making-of could be a bonus :wink:

This is great! I don’t think it’s one of the better Calvin and Hobbes strips, but the concept and execution are wonderful.

@Oyster Actually I might upload a walk cycle for hobbes, the rig is decent enough I think :slight_smile:
@DavidBrennan thank you! Yeah, I chose one from the comic I had in my office, there are many good ones though, I might do more later now that I have the 3D models ready :wink:

wow this looks so cool! Did you use freestyle to render the outline or by texture?

@congcong009 thanks! the outline effect is achieved by making duplicates of all the meshes, and scale them up, invert their normals and use backface culling with a black material :slight_smile: freestyle is way too expansive for realtime rendering unfortunatly

That is so cool. It blew me away. I see the future of comic strips, maybe even manga

Hi there! I tried as you said and yes this works perfectly under 3D view! But what next to do to render it out?

I didn’t try anything before for the sketchfab. Is that just okey now to upload it to the website and check from explorer?


@micahman5000 thank you so much ! :slight_smile: let’s hope so, it’d be awesome!

@congcong009 You’d have to use openGL to render it in Blender, but it will definently work in Sketchfab! You’ll have to set the material as “single-sided” in Sketchfab - but you’ll see the interface is quite simple ^^
It will also work in most realtime renders like in Unity - it’s a common technique in videogames :slight_smile:
Also, to have an even line, you can use the Shrink tool instead of the Scaling - it’s alt+S in Edit mode

Fantastic!!! :wink:

Excellent work and, most importantly, excellent idea! It would be a great offer to the community if you make a tutorial about the technique. A simple cartoon head would do the work for a demonstration… just for giving the opportunity to grab the idea.