Cameras Lister



Camera Lister is a free addon for Blender 2.80 that lists all the cameras in your scene so you don’t have to search them through the Outliner among other objects, and allows you to easily switch between them.

To access the Camera Lister panel, use the shortcut Alt + C.


You can take it from here:

This addon is based on this proposal I made on Right Click Select:

And special thanks to @Secrop without whom I wouldn’t have been able to write all the functionalities the way I wanted.

(David C B) #2

This is a most welcomed AddOn. Thank you for making it, as well as sharing it freely with the community.


Glad you like it!

(Peetie) #4

Thanks for the addon. This encourage Blender-users to use multiple cameras and so this will improve the quality of the videos made with Blender. I tried it and it is much eassier in the workflow to add markers in the timeline and bind cameras. Works very nice.

(Toudou) #5

Thank you for your shareing. This is useful for me, because i handle large and many objects scene sometimes. So, it makes easier to pick up and change camera!


Hey guys, glad you find it useful!

Nice to see it serves you beyond what I intended initially!

At work I’m using 3dsmax, and I have to place many cameras as well to propose multiple shots for my boss to make decisions and found Blender was lacking that crucial functionality of being able to quickly switch between cameras, hence this addon.

(marcatore) #7

Just a question: the addon seems useful about the management of the multiple cameras but what about the rendering?
I mean, I have 3 cameras and I’d like to render all of them or 2 of them. The demo of the addon seems ignoring this part. Where am I wrong?

Cleared this I think this will be really useful. At the moment I use the binded cameras but a more flexible system is more than welcome.

thanks in advance.

(MatsuikoHiroka) #8

if you want to render multiple camera use this addon


Well… you are right, this is not about rendering.

If you meant batch rendering, I think Gleb’s addon will work better.

If you meant something else, maybe can you make a mock up of what you would like to see?

(wilBr) #10

hi Ryxx, very usefull addon… if you can add a button to create new camera from view, another for’ view from selected’ and little buttons to switch to front, back, top, bottom, left and right… we can to have all camera work in one window. :smiley:
I does this using ‘stored views’ addon + ‘pie menu editor’ addon… but your would be simpler.


I think that these views don’t belong to camera management. And I don’t want to overload the addon with too many unrelated buttons because I believe its simple design is what makes it efficient for the initial task.

I personnally have a pie menu activated with RMB for these views. It’s really the most efficient way to navigate the viewport. (I ditched the Context Menu of the right click).

These are interesting ideas. I will see if i can code that.

(MatsuikoHiroka) #12

if you would mind , requesting a compatibility for blender 2.79
thank you for this addon


Sorry, but I can’t spend too much time going backwards. I’m not a very good coder, and kind of struggling with what I already try to achieve… Thank you for understanding…

(MatsuikoHiroka) #14

No problem , i just miss this feature when going back in 2.79

(urkokul) #15

The usefull thing. Thanks