Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund

I mean, I don’t think it will hurt the fund since nobody of us will leave. But people simply love that sense of accomplishment and maybe we should have wait until we reached the first goal. To give new people more appeal. Then say something like: The first 100k made 20 developers happen. Now to boldly go… (Where no FOSS project has ever gone). And then have a counter there

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I feel the same, having that goal made me exited and was a way to measure how things went. This was done because they were overlaping. But was quite easy to fix with transform: translate on the CSS.

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My one complaint with the old bar was that the info bubbles started to overlap once it was nearly filled up. I like the changes, but I agree that the bar should be reimplemented. Want to see those goals being reached! :partying_face:


Way better… :slight_smile:

Still kinda missing those numbers on bar (even thou it’s up there in that big frame) but hey bar is back and it feels good.


I do agree that having that bar there is incentive for people to join, so this is a nice improvement all around!

People don’t know how much software development costs, and might think ‘well that’s a lot of money’, not realising it buys less than 20 developers.
And that’s with developers who are likely paid on the lower end, compared to more lucrative companies and industries.


Hmm. Seems to be going down.

Not sure where to post this, but it looks like Embark made due with their promise to open-source some of their tools.


OT: Since you are asking:
It’s somewhat related to this, but would also have been a good fit for latest news.

Hey, another corporate gold member:

Raymond Neoh, the producer of Thru the Moebius Strip.


Aaand they forgot to capitallize his name. Come on. That’s embarrassing.

Apparently the sponsors fill out the name field themselves. At least that was the case when, IIRC AMD, put in a wrong link. Also Kiska had the name of some employee in there for a couple of days.

Yeah, but you know, when someone’s giving you a bunch of money you can at least fix his typo for him.


Maybe file a bug report. :wink:

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The Blender Cloud memberships are steadily rising.
Allmost 6000 subscribers. That’s nearly 720 000 Euros per year.


Huh, there is twice as much of them as fund individuals. I didn’t knew that that much ppl subscribe to cloud.

5500 to almost 6000 thats 10% increase in a month, what happend? Something bigger was released?