Can’t find any animation curves in Graph Editor

Hi. Guys

Usually I have been solving blender problems on the Internet, but this time it is too difficult,so I ask for help from you guys.

I can’t find any animation curves in Graph Editor

I think same situation like that

that’s answer is

"Your object level filter is turned off. I think if you turn it on you can see the object level keyframes. Fourth filter from the left. "

but I can`t find < object level filter >

could you please share your file?

First off, welcome to the community, @darkvenus! I appreciate that you solve your own issues on the Internet! I love that initiative! I may be way off here, but what happens when you click your sideways triangle to the left of your Object Transforms label?
The one circled here:

Even though I deleted all other objects from the outliner except the sphere, the file could not be shared because it exceeded 24 megabytes.
I have one more question. I deleted all the files in the outliner, why is the blender file over 24mb?

Thank you. When I pressed the triangle you said, it became like below.

Blender is an attractive tool. However, it is difficult to learn the animation part, because there seems to be insufficient data on the Internet compared to modeling and rendering etc.

maybe because you have big textures? you can share it on another platform

Thanks to those who answered my problem.

In the end, I solved this problem by Appeding into a new file.

that’s like Max or Maya’s all troubleshooting methods.