Can you export material from project from view please?

hey guys and gals

ok If I use texture paint on an object I can then export it so I can use the image for a material in UE4 for e.g, but I cannot figure out how to do this when I project from view.

I can export the UV map ok, but the image is not there, just a blank UV map of my object.

any ideas please blenderheads?

thank you :slight_smile:

Anyone any idea please? Easy to do when I have texture painted an object but cannot figure out how to do this after project from view.
Thank you

You can re-project with 2 UV maps, but I think there is a simple overlooked trick in blender. Quick edit.
It was created for texture painting and opens your current view in your preferred pixel app. You have to set the app in the preferences. Tip for Painting: After editing, simply save(in app) and reload with alt + R.

thank you so much Mario, will give this a bash! thanks again!

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