Cancel culture on Blender guru, poor Andrew price!

So there is the person on twitter who compiled a thread about Andrew Price being racist, homophobe, …
This person did not take into consideration the fact that Blenderguru is what Andrew live for, this is his daily bread. Reading in the thread that people canceling subscription, I m feeling sad for him.
What are your thoughts about this?

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Here’s my take- first, he’ll be fine, he still has a massive audience.

Second, you can use tutorials from someone without liking the stuff they chose to put on social media. I wouldn’t be friends with this guy, because the stuff he posts on Twitter is insensitive and it doesn’t align with my ideals or feelings. But I believe that I can separate him as a person from his tutorials. If his tutorials were promoting unkind or insensitive content, that would be a different story, but his public work and his personal views/life are not the same and ultimately not connected.

Lastly, even if he wasn’t fine- even if he’d lost all his subscribers and was out of a job, that’s on him. We as artists who learned from him don’t have the responsibility to defend him, because we’re not connected to his personal life.

I will still be recommending his videos to learning artists, because he’s very helpful and good at explaining how to use Blender. I will not defend him or his actions in his personal life, I don’t support them at all but they also don’t connect to his Blender tutorials. I think we as a society need to be better about realizing that you can disagree with someone and still respect some aspect of them. I don’t respect him as a person. I do respect him as a Blender tutorial maker.


I don’t want to be involved in any internet drama, but I think it is important to link all the tweets related to this instead of only two screenshots, so people can judge it themselves:


There is a life outside of Social Media… and growing a thicker skin towards people having different opinions, is also an option.

Instant remedy: Put the phone or computer aside and go for a hike or ride a bike :slight_smile:


I agree with @j_claytonhansen, you don’t have to agree with someone to like their content.
Also, these don’t exactly show anything extreme, it’s not like he’s told everyone he’s a nazi, he literally just has different opinions.
I think it’s sad that nowadays, everything is seen as either on “their” side or “ours”, and it seems impossible to find a middle ground.


I stopped following Andrew Price when I got the notion that he was a semi alt-righter. Then he was quick to defend real alt-righters and really liked people that really hated liberal viewpoints. Not to mention he lack of subtlety when he talks about non-white people.


Fair enough, but I don’t think that warrants not watching his content

There are plenty of other Blender users who provide tutorials and training, that options should be taken away from everyone because of one person’s opinion is why the cancel culture community gets so much flak.

We conservatives are always told that if we don’t like something, then instead of complaining don’t watch it and don’t look at it, practice what you preach.


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Calm down ‘snowflake’.
Nobody is calling for him to be de-platform/banned. The point is clearly to highlight problematic aspects of the figure and offer alternative sources of education.

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The sooner Twitter and similar platforms are dead the better. So tired of hearing of these cancel culture people. I am not religious whatsoever, but the Jesus guy had the right idea when talking about thinking of your own bad actions in life before throwing stones at people. I seriously doubt the Twitter mob going after this guy are particularly virtuous people to demand cancelling anyone.

Sure, if someone has done questionable stuff, feel free to criticise, but let people make up their own minds on the guy if they want to keep watching his stuff or not.


This all kicked off when he compared the wave of protests that swept America during the summer, caused by the death of George Floyd, to a violent seditious mob storming the US Capitol building.

If my entire successful business revolved around my image and Youtube channel then I’d STFU to be honest on any subject which could be controversial. Looking at the stuff as a whole, there’s a pattern of behaviour and attitudes that are not great. Some of them are included within actual tutorial vids. This might be troubling for parents.

He should really address this stuff sooner rather than later. Hoping the problem will go away magically isn’t usually the best. His content is good and it would be a shame if he ruined things for the sake of making an apology of some sort.


And just like that, people are speaking in blanket statements and ignoring the forum rule on politics (as Blender Guru fades from the subject matter). :no_mouth:

I have better things to do than argue in what is going to be a rapidly growing thread.

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The first person not taking these things into consideration when posting controversial tweets was, [checks notes], Andrew Price.


Interesting how anyone in the line of business revolving around competence can take seriously a person complaining about meritocracy and the fact he interviewed mostly male 3d artists (as it is somehow his fault who applies). That’s pretty much everything one would need to know about her moral and professional compass, hiring practices and view of the world. It is also interesting to me how no one here seems to have caught that.

As far as his statements? Didn’t read all of them, but what I did I understood either in broader context or the one he presented. That said, I could easily label people who understand them literally as illiterate (lacking reading comprehension). Secondly, we all have opinions someone might find questionable. We are not perfect and that doesn’t make us bad people in whole.

Not sure how many of you remember Massive Black studio. After a decade or so, they had to change the logo no one cared about and felt offended by, because of this type of mindset.

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This is art site, for good sake! Outer world is cold and hostile void, full of malicious crazy creatures. Why we do not keep this place safe from outer world and all this bs?
Anyway, my 2.5 cents.
If I remember correctly Andrew is in relationship with Asian woman, maybe I’m wrong… also activist use this as one more prove that someone who have friends - relationship with people on other race is raciiiist even more… Flawless logic, must admit.

My parent teach me that lying are bad stuff. Also I teach my kids to not lye… but I’m just old school I guess. Modern time need modern solution, right?
I will stop here, because this is not Place and time for such $#1T1N66.

PS. This is not first time that someone attack Andrew. Pheh… this is typical for some kind of… creatures. But I think that maybe there is something more. Think about it… who is next :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not lying. Also you’re kinda off and hateful on this forum.

Stop with this. Typical accusation of cancel culture fan. Only hateful here are you and your comrades. Read my post again.
I da ti kazem nesto… necu vise da gubim vreme sa takvima, aj’ zdravo.

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Thanks for bringing this upsetting development to our attention. Nobody’s perfect and some of these people act like finding a few character flaws is grounds for full-on excommunicating them. Andrew has done so much for the Blender community… it kind of hurts to hear some of the insensitive things he has said over the years… but I’d rather someone be honest then pretend to be PC all the time.

I don’t know how old this Devon Ko is or how she grew up, but many who were around 90’s/00’s public high school environment in male social groups know how the word “fag” was used. It was hurtful to gays, but it was part of the culture. To say you miss it though makes me cringe a bit. It wasn’t exactly an admirable part of male posturing. I don’t know how it is with kids these days but I assume things are a bit different because the culture has changed around gay rights issues. This Devon looks younger (does anyone know her age?).


Why do you think this is just a conservative view point ?