Can't Select Anything

(MadmanRobz) #1

For some reason, I can no longer select or manipulate any objects with my mouse. I can use A to select and deselect everything, but that’s it. Besides being unable to select anything in any way besides the A hotkey, there are no problems. Once something is selected, I can still move it around with the mouse like always, I just can’t select or deselect with it, making me unable to manipulate vertices.

I have tried every Blender version from 2.52 and up, and it brought the same results, making me conclude that it’s something to do with my computer. However, this problem was not there originaly, as I have been able to select and deselect before. I just started Blender one day and suddenly I could no longer use the right mouse button to select vertices, and I have made no changes to my computer besides installing a couple of games.

I was wondering if anyone here would have any insight on what the problem is?
I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, with 2 Intel®Core™ i3-2310M CPU 2.10 GHZ processors.

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(3dcal) #3

Hi MadmanRobz,

that would make/drive me mad, too!

Help’s on the way, though. :smiley:

Did you try selecting anything in the Outliner?

If it’s a problem with different Blender versions, maybe it’s the mouse, or mouse drivers (?)

(MadmanRobz) #4

What is “The Outliner”? I’ve never come across this term before.
I’ve tried 2 different mouses and neither of them work, so I can’t imagine that to be the problem.
I’ve used basically the last 12 Bleender versions, and the problem persists, even though they’ve all worked perfectly previously.

(3dcal) #5

The Outliner is usually found in the upper right of the default gui…if not, drag one into view (where ever you want it).

You can select objects there…also cameras, lights, etc.

But still don’t understand why you can’t select in the 3D view…maybe someone else has a clue(?)

In the mean time, hopefully, you can use the Outliner to make selections.


(ajm) #6

Selectability for the objects may be turned off (the arrow symbol in the outliner).

(MadmanRobz) #7

I checked the Selectability, it’s not turned off. As I said, I’ve tried over 10 differet versions of Blender (reinstalled all of them several times) and the problem is there from the start in all versions, so I strongly doubt that it’s got anything to do with the program settings since the factory settings have worked before and should still be identical every time I reinstall it.

Ah, so that’s the Outliner. I know what that window is, I just never learned the name of it, so I got confused.
Still, it doesn’t solve my problem since it’s the vertices that I can’t manipulate. The Outliner only selects whole objects, not seperate vertices. I can select objects and move them around like always, it’s just the individual vertices that I can’t selector deselect or manipulate.
I can’t do any actual modeling without that ability :confused:

(Dylan Cayn Rogers) #8

Hey I’m literally having the same exact problem I know I’m clicking the mouse the right way did you ever figure out this problem if so how did you fix it or what did you figure out… desperately waiting for a reply :confused:

(kesonmis) #9

You are using Edit mode right? Because inability to select vertices sounds like you are in Object mode. Use Tab key or mode dropdown menu on bottom menu bar of 3D view.