Car Show room WIP

Right people, since im doing alot of cars ive decided to build a showroom that i can use whenever i do any cars final render, so this is the design im aiming for

EDIT: if you just want to skip straight ahead to see the finished model then go straight to page 2 at the bottom. if your interested in what else in going on with the model or are looking for any particular tips or tricks along the way then read pages 2-4 as a large convosation on different ways of modelling and rendering has been going on :slight_smile:

Hello, im still currently modelling (this is just a photo) I dont like using cycles, i guess im just old fashion :wink:
i think your right that an emission surface is what i need,thank you.
this model wont take me too long so the first previews will be coming up soon.

Haha, I had a similar reaction until I read it’s a photo, lol. Looking forward to the first render!

I’ll do the first render as a wire-clay render, then i’ll start texturing once im happy with the layout of the room, give me half an hour to finish the modelling :slight_smile:

well cycles will give you a much more realist render
look at the thread 's pictures and see the quality there

i mean it’s much better then internal render

go with cycles will help you


I admit looking at the images that cycles does give very realistic results, but i think that may why i dont like it, to me it looks too realistic, it (for me) distracts from the brilliant modelling that some people are doing by making me doubt wether its actually a model or just a high quality photo :S dont get me wrong though, once its past its newness i’ll probably start playing with it to see what i can do with a better renderer.
as for this thread, here is the first preview render -

Please note that although i’ll be making a good effort to make this look good i wont be spending days perfecting it as its just going to be used as a background to show off my car models in.

in first pic looks to me there is a rotating floor under the car !

keep going man
it can get only better

happy cycles

yeah i think it is a rotating floor, which is why its so perfect for me to showcase my cars :slight_smile: although i am really quite terrible at animation simply rotating and rendering will create nice looking images :slight_smile:
so heres the first render, im happy with it, i know i still need to make some adjustments and add light to all the ceiling lights but for a couple of hours work this afternoon im happy.

can you share this file only i’ll see what i can do in cycles with it and uplaod again later on
or sent me URL in Private message

happy 2.6

yeah mate sure, im interrested to see how this could be improved with cycles :slight_smile:
showroom.blend (554 KB)

may not have much time today but later on may be this weekend

can you upload some of the texture image
to be more exact in the modelling of mat and text.

the floor circle is it supposed to be flat or ahve some thickness?
like a texture on the floor

may be should be one object with the floor !

also the box on ceiling are these lamps fixtures?
and what about the circles lamps or speakers ?


The circles are lamps, just little spotlight, the circle on the floor should be slightly raised to allow for a good spin (in real life lol) those little boxes on the cieling are air vents, as you can see from the model i didnt bother putting any detail on them because the angle in the reference image is the only angle i will be using because my cars can simply rotate on the pedestal on the floor, i’ll be adding some foliage to make it look a little more lifelike in their, but then its done for my needs, but feel free to use it as you like :slight_smile:

i’ll begin building the mat for cycles
should have something tomorrow

thanks for sharing

The texturing is now finished, with a ton of reflective surfaces and 17 light sources you can imagine how long this is taking to render :L once the reder is done i will post a pic, then i’ll decide wether any changes need making, i know i still need to add some foliage to liven the place up a bit and make the ceiling a nice matt colour, any thoughts are welcome, wether i will make any more changes though depends on how good of a thought you have :wink:

My scene.

Original image (used for refence)

back wall i guess is only a mirror here ?

also what is this black wall mirror too on middle left ?

and i guess between columns on the right these are windows!

the vent holes on ceiling do you mind if i make these only rectangular not at angle ?


yes, the back wall is actually split into 2 parts, 1 has another showroom in it (right pane) and the left pane is just a mirror.
the black mirror to the left slides so that cars can be driven in and out of the show room.
between the pillars it is a walkway, the pillars have arches in them :slight_smile:
of course, do what you wish, just let me know what you come up with.
also what do you think of my finished product? bearing in mind that the room isnt the main attraction here, it will be the cars that i place on the pedestal that are the focus point of the scene.

your down lighters kinda look way too big. in the photos the look about 1/4 the size you have made them

Looks incredible!! What did you use for rendering?

Tyrant monkey - yes I did make them a lot bigger because when I rendered them at normal size they looked like little blobs lol.
Thanks marius :slight_smile: glad you like, I was going to carry on working on it today but got up this morning and turned on my pc only to find that the CPU is fried :frowning: atm sending from my HTC sensation.
Just plain old blender internal xD I don’t need cycles yet :wink: