Carcassonne Medieval city

next and resting on this previous wall, is the Marquiere tower :slight_smile:

also an old romain tower reworked by Viollet Le Duc and beautifully kept wealth nowadays !

here it is in flat edition mode:

and in a simple render with ambient and AO:

happy blending ! :slight_smile:

After the creation of an old city gate called the Rodez gate…
here is a pic :wink:

the tower next to this city gate wall is called the Samson tower.
It is one more roman tower. Here we are on the oldest and not ruined visible part of the city :slight_smile:

Hope you like it :smiley:

happy blending !

… a totally out of interrest piece ol citywall…
except that it’s bieen built by romans and is still standing nowadays.
a blender render:

and it’s appearance in unity:

i bet you won’t mind it :stuck_out_tongue:

happy blending ! :slight_smile:

one more tower :wink:

you’ll surely mention it’s the same as the Samson tower ?

Unfortunately not :confused: the avar mill tower is different. hopefully i could reuse some parts of the Samson tower :stuck_out_tongue:
here’s a render:

happy blending !

hi all :slight_smile:

back with a new piece of the city !

though it’s not a noticeable piece of architecture this wall is quite long: a bit more than 70 meters.

with some stairs for accessing the Avar mill tower, but also the little door leading outside the city wall, at its basement.

here’s few pics :slight_smile:

hope you like it !

Happy blending !

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This is all really nice work, can you show a render of the full layout that you have done so far? I’d love to see all the pieces in place.

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Thanks a lot @SterlingRoth !

here’s a global view in Unity3D of all the pieces of architecture already done :slight_smile:

it is the south-east part of the city. It is not obvious on this picture, but but there’s only one half of both citywalls done so far. I still have to model the second half and also the castle.
Here’s for giving you an idea a map of the done/todo: The done is in normal color and the todo in whiter color.

if you are curious and have a windows PC or an android device, you can go to my website ( unfortunately only in french for the moment )
and download/install the alpha of the app for having a free walk into the part of the city that is visitable. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll like it !

and feel free to give me your opinion :wink:

have a nice day and happy blending !


You are making great progress! It looks awesome so far.

thanks a lot @Speedthriller !

it really makes me glad you like it and gives me even more might to go ahead and faster :slight_smile:

If you feel like it, go to my website and install the app on your android or win platform ( i don’t target to IOS nor mac OS yet. just tell me wether you’d need it ^^ ) and have a walk in the city :slight_smile:

and feel free to gimme your feedback ! i’d be fond of it :slight_smile:

regards and happy blending !

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Latest one of the 3 sister towers tha are somewhat similar, as they are gallo-roman towers,
the carpenter’s tower:

It is the latest tower of the inner north-west citywall before the central castle in the city.

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !

Somewhat bored with modeling, i did some tries with shader writing…

Of course this has nothing to do here as it’s unity GLSL thingies.
I wanted to include stars but also some couldy sky in the scene…

alpha params, saturation, normalization… after some work here’s what i got :slight_smile:

am not totally satisfied with the result but i think it will do the trick…
keeping in mind that all this has to be for realtime rendering ^^

hope you like it and… feel free to criticise :stuck_out_tongue:

happy blending !

EDIT: for those likin it in unity, i can provide the shader :slight_smile:
even if i doubt some ppl will be interrested in it here ^^

It’s time to mess all this up !!!

Here’s my uglyscene in unity3D:

Ahah i see those guys loving BGE laughing :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed they can ! This shit is not due to U3D but due to me:

I will rework everything ( errr at least i’ll rework each item, tower and wall’s UVs ).

i prepared this in unity with a new shader and i’ll have so set the same nodes up in blender
so that the workflow keeps beeing smooth.

Why did i do this ?
because my walls are to clean. too uniform.
The city walls come with various stones from various epoch…
The virtual reality has to be as close to the reality as possible.
Therefore i started to set up a splatting system ( control texture and textures arrays ) for a
more realistic rendering.

In unity… it’s almost done. Now i gotta catch how to implement texture arrays ( and not textures atlas )
in blender… i guess i’ll spend some days on this :’(

mebe you won’t hear from me for some days, as i’ll also have to create ( noting in relation ) some airports…

thanks to all those who follow this thread, and see you very soon with some better pics :smiley:

and if you know things about textures arrays in blender, plz feel free to gimme advices on this here :slight_smile:


and happy blending !

EDIT: i promise i’ll make a BGE version of carcassonne… no way i give a date but… i will :))

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hi all :slight_smile:

it’s been some day since i posted !
and here am i back with some new thingies.
blender handles atlases, but unfortunately dont handles texture arrays.
I had to find some tricks and i’d say shader almost works fine for splatting textures :slight_smile:

Tho it’s not yet finished, here’s a pic of the very first model i posted here that i reworked and rendered quickly:

I now have to do the same thing for ground textures and then… rework all my models so that they look better.

Anyway i hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !

EDIT: if some want the splatting material nodes, just ask here and i’ll post it :wink:

i like your carcasonne very much. but as from the pictuers i’ve seen there’s some lack of depth in the materials.(maybe tesselation, or paralax shading)? aswell i’d recommend to work on lights on your scene!

but keep going! it’ll turn out great

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hi @dan_wipf !

Thanks ! i’m glad you like it :slight_smile:
and yes definetely blender renders ( which are only 3D viewport render ) lack normal and heightmaps and also tesselation.
Also those renders are only done in ambient light. No light in the scene.
In fact, all the models are not intended ( at least for now ) for beeing rendered in blender, but in unity3D. In wich i integrate normalmaps, light with dynamic night/day lighting, etc…
Unfortunately i won’t ( yet ) setup a dynamic tesselation system as the final app is intended to run in realtime on low-end devices ( android, windows, linux, webgl, etc… ), and is very greedy in graphics power.

This is one of the reason why i currently rework all what is done so far, for adding splatmapping from textures atlas in blender and textures arrays in unity ( texture arrays are more efficient and less power-greedy ) for adding details in the wall at almost not 3D power cost ).

Hope this explains why my blender renders a this ‘pale’ :slight_smile:

Thanks for your post and have a very nice day !

Happy blending !

ah i was talking about unity3d => i do highend stuff in unity, but does make sence if you’re targeting lowend hardware :slight_smile: but i guess you could achieve with bether lightning / shadows a greate effect in depth

no doubt you are right ^^

I’m struggling with normalmaps an i cannot use heightmaps to normalmaps because of texture array that don’t handles unity generated normalmaps.

what kind of normalmap generator do you use ?

i use crazybump on mac, it’s kind of free dueto alpha version for ages now =>

and on Windows i use NormalMap Generator (Aswell for Linux)


some sadness incoming.
blender things work like a charm !
Nodes are okay. Shaders in unity are perfect !
Bilinear interpolation between paint textures.
All works great !!! And all is fine !!!
nah !
Even if all the technique is okay, when compiled towards android ( from unity ) the app runs at half speed !
Holy Fu**ing shit !!!
All this for nothing !!!

I regress to the old shaders with atlases and UVs handled by hand…
kinda pissed off but… i still keep a good, efficient and not that bad rendering.
Keeping my 24 fps on a mid-end ( samsung J6 ) andro-phone…

Of course on a win PC things run faster but.
Beeing honest with myself i know most ppl will catch the app on their phone ^^

Time wasted ? not totally. I always keep the work done, in a lil rar file…

I found another way of doing what i want.
Not as sexy/academic ( it’s a matter of decals ) but much more efficient

now i gonna go back to 3D modeling/texturing/AO-DIRTMAPPING just like i used to…

be prepared for new models :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m back !


Happy blending !

have you considered using lod’s and billboard like stuff for your models?