Carcassonne Medieval city

next piece is a small tower on the south-east of the city.

It is called the ‘trauquet’ tower. Trauquet meaning in occitan language ‘lil hole’.
This hole led to a subterranean passage leading to an exit outside the city walls.

here’s what it looks like in blender:

and some screenshots inside unity3D:

hope you like it :slight_smile:

EDIT: we can notice some lighting artifacts around the passage in the wall in the last pic.
This is du to my ‘light mesh’ i use to limit AO. Unfortunately, the mesh emits on both sides. I have to change the shader so that it is simgle sided emission, and bake the AO-dirt texture again :slight_smile:

EDIT2: looks better now after trimmin AO contrast and lights:

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Ooooookay… some time since previous post…

In carcassonne, there’s a tower called ’ Davejean tower’… i modeled it’s outside and then…
i found a blueprint of the inside !!! 8-D
Here it is, tho i bet i have no rights ( because of some obfuscated copyrights ) of posting it here…
I’ll let moderators do their job. Just note resolution is just shitty and that you can freely get it on the web ( provided you can waste hours of searching… )

new info means new work and new modeling !!!
I modeled the lower room of this tower.
baked dirtmaps and AO and…
holy shit !!!
all is dark too dark ! FAR too dark !!!
add a light in unity ? nah. it’s always too dark and light saturates color downsampling !!!
UGLY is not the word… it’s just vomitive !

how to solve ???.. well lets do an top down analysis…
i considered blender AO calculations are okay… in considered unity shaders are okay…
The problem as usual is between the screen and the keyboard… ----> ME

what didn’t i catch ?
/// long searches/docs read/redo’s again and again ///
yes… I was the bug XD

i just didn’t catch that unity can use secondary maps but multiply all by 2 on this map !!!
sayin in a 0-255 span 0-127 darkens and 128-255 lightens…
shit ! that was not what i expected !!!
Of course i could rewrite shaders in unity so that it works just like i want but… nah i don’t want to, coz i’ll have to do this for each new unity version. Nah the right way is to do things the right way…
Nodes in Blender were my way. 2 days of try and redo, with screen capture and gimp color measurments… blender image spectrum helped a lot !!!

Also some messup with cycles aking… AO is ALWAYS there !!! get out i only want the AO i can control !!! i HATE cycles !!!
finally, just after some stoopid tries ( that are explained nowhere ) i got rid of deeply intricated AO, with an emission shader instead of the common diffuse shader.
( you guyz at blender should implement a flag on diffuse shader called ‘i want AO’ )

finally… i recalculated all my dirt/AO maps
and it looks far better and more realistic !!!

rah… lost the old look… well… here’s what an upper room in a tower looked like:

and here’s how it looks like now, after blender nodes twinking:

and with some added lights…

nothing more or less than i want…

of course, all i show here is unity… not Blender… but…
Blender is the base deep angular stone !!! don’t forget about this :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally, i think i owe you all a lil screen of the final thing ( of the moment as it’s still a WIP )…

Imagine you can freely have a walk around all this, in corridors, in caves, in forbidden places…
All in realtime !!! and here or there you can get some video/audio/text info on this awesome place…
and imagine you climb in a ‘pod’ and move the ‘decades cursor’ to discover what Carcassonne was 1300 years ago…

Even I cannot wait XD

happy blending !!!

With all due respect!
Now what would a Unity Game be doing on Blender Artists Forums?
especially considering the fact that we have Armory and UPBGE this should be on Unity Forums unless yr missing BGE and you really want to remaster your old BGE title. :sunglasses::+1:


the fact that its a game mostly made in blender is well within the rules for showcasing here.


Mkay im not mad lol i was just sayin :sweat_smile::+1:


So indeed why is it here? blender only getting used due to unity can’t model a turd only basic objects. So blender is not being used as the engine.

The pinned topic at the top:

Please do not post projects here that were made for other engines. Volunteer requests for such projects should be posted to the Off-topic chat category, non-BGE works in progress should be posted to Works in Progress.

So yes there is a huge conflict in these rules, 1 say no may not other line say it’s ok. @bartv may tell us more about it, and may also start adjusting all the pinned topics (half of them are -1 reply or a blank page that opens…

anyway keep building!

This project has its place on these forums, for the few people trying to post here, I wouldn’t mind a post or two about games using something else than the BGE as the engine.

In this case OP is proud of modelling everything in Blender in order to make a game. So far it doesn’t seem to have much logic written yet, so it is fair to assume that it is just Blender content with a different renderer for now.

This post looks fine where it is, as its theme is game dev using Blender somehow.

Happy blending too!


Sorry, but +1 for not showcasing Unity games in BGE forums. This IS against the rules of Blender Game Engine section.
There are plenty of other sections in Blender Artists if you want to showcase your models.
I also use heavily Blender in work for our Unity projects, however I post non of them here - that’s the rule.

The author can provide us with a link to the Unity formus and anyone interested can follow the progress there.

I think @Fweeb is the best person to answer this - he knows more about these policies than I do :slight_smile:

FWIW it would seem that yes, it would make more sense to move this to #game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos as it’s not using the BGE, but still involves substantial use of Blender.

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hey guyz :slight_smile:
I see the question about BGE.
Note that if the ‘using unity’ is a too deep trauma for some, i can delete unity pics and let them imagine what it would look like finally in BGE :wink:

all i do with unity for the moment, is object integration and i target a realtime project in a first person view.
All modeling and texture creation/baking is done in Blender: say 90% of the spent time ( tho i also use GIMP, sorry :fearful: )

Am sorry if i didn’t post this topic in WIP-game-demos. I thought i did but not for sure :confused:
anyway it seems am in there now and i hope this wont bug anyone.

My choice for unity instead of BGE is a pure practical choice. I use to use tools for what they are good at. with unity i code LODs handling, occlusion, PHYSX, android/win/IOS/PS4 targetting and many other things that i could hardly do in BGE ( also because of python performance and as i don’t master the language ).
Sticking to the ‘only BGE’ idea, i should not post anything on unity forum because unity already contains a modeler ( which is nothing but a shit ). Therefore i would surely be said that blender models have nothing to do in unity forum ^^
Wouldn’t this be logic ? :stuck_out_tongue:

At last but not least disagreeing ppl have to note am not here making the apology of unity nor taunt BGE or UPBGE ( which is not part of Blender either ) i just want to show the results of blender capabilities.

My purpose is just to share with the community ( even with those who will try and fail ( :stuck_out_tongue: make me lie !!! ) to integrate some few million triangles in BGE ). For the moment only pics and in the future the whole work done.

Now am fairly confident the moderation team will do the right thing :slight_smile:

Thanks to all and happy blending ! :slight_smile:

EDIT: to be totally honest… errrr… yes i think i got nothing to do here with my topic :confused:
here’s the topic manifest:


Aug 2007

Hello and welcome to the Blender Game Engine WIPs and Demos Forum here at BlenderArtists! Please take a minute to review the posting guidelines for this forum before you post.

Please do not post projects here that were made for other engines. Volunteer requests for such projects should be posted to the Off-topic chat category, non-BGE works in progress should be posted to Works in Progress.

The Games forum is for posting information and content regarding your game projects. Simply put, this is the forum to go to when you want to show off. Acceptable threads for this forum include:

  • My Game
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  • How do I…?
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If your game is finished, please post it in theFinished Games category.

Questions related to GE support and usage should be posted in the Game Engine Support and Discussion category, and tutorials or useful things of any kind should go to the Game Engine Resourcescategory. Team projects should use the Team Projects category.

Also be sure to use the thread rating tool. If you especially liked a game, give it some stars!

Happy posting!

plz moderators, tell me where my subject should go :slight_smile:
best regards !

EDIT2: ooooooh finally !!! i found out how to move the topic to pure WIP according to the rules :smiley:
now i know everyone is happy :smiley:
happy blending guyz !!! :slight_smile:

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And as am not yet pushed in the deep caves of the unopportune topics XD

here’s one new model:
The Balthazar tower !
There are very very few info about this tower. No blueprint from Eugene-Viollet-le-Duc, and nothing in historical archives. I only know it was the commanding head of a bigger tower of the outside walls of the city.

Here it is in an untextured and Cycles render way :slight_smile:
hope you like it ^^

Happy blending !

That is not the point. The engine used is unity not blender. You make assets with blender but the game is being build/executed with unity, so unity is the engine. And then the topic hits the wall (rules/forum wise).

don’t be sorry for that, you need an program like gimp or photoshop/etc. to create textures if you want to do all that in the engine you never get the best results, so this is totally out of the picture.

90% of the time or not, it’s just being used to create assets.

And we all can agree about this, use whatever feels/works best for you.

No, you use unity as the engine to run the game, it does not matter where the models,textures,etc. comes from you create your game in unity so it fits perfectly fine on unity forum.

But lose models alone, indeed they basically don’t have anything to do there.

UPBGE is blender on steroids, it’s still blender 2.79 but with a lot more fixes/added features.

And keep doing that, we all like that part don’t worry about that haha.

Don’t get us wrong either, we mean no harm, we are just following the rules, it’s no personal attack.
And i like the progress/castle so another +.

Here’s what it looks like in Cycles with only ambient light:

And a peek in the topmost room viewed in unity:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Happy Blending !

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some time since my last post :slight_smile:

I confess this ‘must be BGE’ master-bation somewhat pissed me off ^^

but… i walked my way and worked on some UI issues, some blender bugs and some video struggle on my website. many useless thingies but that are damn time eaters !!!

some new towers, some new wall in the scene :slight_smile: of course !!!
but also some new ‘ambience’…

night & day, fog and other nice things that i can’t wait sharing with the curious & greedy over here :wink:
just lemme post some things:

You’re here between the 2 citywalls rings… in a shiny but foggy day :stuck_out_tongue:

… climb on roofs and have a look at the Narbonnaise-city-gate :smiley:

Scene at night without lights…

… owww it appears this forum do not play videos :confused:
sorry for this ^^

happy blending :slight_smile:

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Very cool project! I will be following this.

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Hi Speedthriller :slight_smile:

am glad you like it !!! and hope you’ll also like the future works !

thanks for following and welcome to you in this magic medieval city located in the south of france ^^ if you travel near there definetely don’t miss it :wink:

all last week long i worked in unity making a usable GUI for the app. I think i’ll release soon an alpha version on my website for android/win_exe/webgl/(and mebe IOS if i find some nice testers able to tell me wether it works or not ) of the work for ppl who want to take an early peek at the app.

Now i get back to blender for modeling a vall located at the north and containing the basement of old roman wall and towers 8-D
See you all soon here and…

Happy blending :slight_smile:

Another nice piece of architecture :slight_smile:

an inner citywall with the still remaining today, ruins of an old gallo-roman wall of the 4th century…

and seen redered with ambient lighting:

and integrated in the whole scene…

hope you like it :))

happy blending !

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next part of the inner wall is a slim and high gallo-roman tower heavily reworked by Viollet-le-duc.

It is called tower of the Constable windmill.

You guessed it :wink: this tower formerly beared a windmill on it’s top.

Here it is, rendered in ambient light in Blender:

I wish you like it :slight_smile:
Happy blending !

Latest part: another tower :slight_smile:

the tower of Vieulas, a gallo-roman era tower…

and a view of the few recent towers from unity3D:

Happy blending :slight_smile:

behind the ‘broken tower’ at the farthest of previous picture, ( the tower of Vieulas ) there is a wall almost as old as the tower itself.
It has been reworked multiple times during the centuries and keeps the marks of time and battles.

here’s a quick render in blender:

next tower is the marquiere tower. it’s quite similar to the previous one but less injured.

hope you like it :slight_smile:

happy blending !