Carcassonne texture and material works

Here will come all the work done for carcassonne virtual reality project around texturing, texture baking and any techniques/ideas that will be brought :wink:
feel free to add all your 2D work !!!

The main thread is located here: Carcassonne

thanks !
and happy blending !!!

As a first thing i’ve worked on dirty materials:
slate tiles with moss…

quite simple as tiles repeat all around !
sure but they must be irregular… but tileable !

I modeled this in blender… with a base texture and then baked my noised tiles to
normal, disp, diffuse, spec, etc…
then, as old tiles are dirty and mossy i added a dirt texture and a moss layer with nodes.
the trick was to have moss generated with a noise texture ( quite simple ) but this moss layer needed to be as seamless as the tiles textures.
For this i made a tileable noise node group… lol sounds strange but works fine !!!
wh&t am interrested in is that you guys get the process, are able to reproduce it and
make things much better/more beautifull than what i’ve done :stuck_out_tongue:

the first step for tiles… rared as it’s too big…
ardoises1.rar (9.9 MB)

the same file grouped for unwrapping… a big step as UV islands are the key !!!
ardoises2_grouped.rar (8.8 MB)

The grouped and stitched tiles… latest big file… after this your computer will breathe :stuck_out_tongue:
ardoises3_grouped_stitched.rar (8.4 MB)

here, the tiles with the nodes tileable noise 8-)) hehehe
ardoises4_dirt_and_moss.blend (2.4 MB)

and finally some thingies i played with… expect nothing but fun from this file x))
ardoises5_bidouilles_dirt_and_moss.blend (2.3 MB)

now as a base, here are the files i worked with… grabbed from the web:

( hopefully i found the way to show them as thumbs :stuck_out_tongue: )

the dirt and moss textures…

and the intermediate slates baked from blender cycles:

And then here are the textures baked from the ardoises4 blend :slight_smile:

well now it’s up to you all for making things better :stuck_out_tongue:
I bet that for most it will be easy ! Please post your blends and results over here :slight_smile:

happy blending !

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And this is a complete useless sentence… :hot_face:

2018… OMG ! 4 years ago…

Time passes so fast !

So many things were done since 4 years…

1st of all and back to the main topic, i model medieval towers.
Medieval towers have slate cone roofing.
Most of those who gave this texturing a try know it’s hell.
The only and best way i found is the polar coordinates in gimp filters…
Take any tileable roof texture.
Choose filters->distort->polar coords.
This changes this texture to a circle with the center beeing 1 point coming to the upper edge points merge.

This is absolutely useless for anything but when you want to map this pic on a cone.

This is the way i did my tower roofs…
And honestly, even if i confess pixel resolution gets shitty at cone top, it’s the best way i found on doing this :wink:

If you do the same, please post here :slight_smile:

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