Cargo port [Nov 19: First container ship WIP picture]

I was not very happy with my last attempt for a street scene, so I decided to do something new.
I’m planning to do a harbour scene with a lot of those sea-containers

I’ve almost finished the modelling of a sea-container. It’s a standard 20 feet sea-container. Later there will also be a 40 feet version.


those round holes in the corners look a bit too sharp, other than that I think it looks most realistic.

thats a pretty good technical model you got there !

i think that we won’t be able to open you beautiful container…

but it’s realy nice :wink:

cloned containers :slight_smile:


what’s the poly count per container, just curious? :slight_smile:

realy nice…

it’s realy realistic :wink:

how many time for the render for now?

very well modelled

Sorry that I dindt wrote a reply so far, but I wasn’t at home for the last 3 days or so.

@Khnum: The poly count is around 5000 per container.

@PiroXXI: The last picture took something around 2 or 3 minutes

It’s looking very good so far. Unrealistically clean and organized though.

And if you don’t mind me saying so, I think that if you weren’t satisfied with your street scene, you should keep working on it until you are. Just a little philosophy of mine. :slight_smile:

Haven’t had much time to go on recently.
The only thing I cna show you so far is a colour test and some quick texturing on the containers. I’m not entirely happy with the containers, so I have to do some more modelling work on them.


I did some small changes on the container. As it was mentioned before, those holes in the corners weren’t that good. But now they are ok for me and I can go on with the scene


It reminds me scenery from “La Transportair” or as you like “The Courier” movie by Luca Besson :D. Nice job so far.

The last few days were very busy and I hadn’t had much time to go on with this project.
I’ve started working on one of those huge cranes (Click here). So far I’ve got only a picture of the “wheels”


It’s nicely done can’t wait for the full scene, I’m not that good at modeling yet but i wanted to know, what OSA number do you render at?

The renders are all done with OSA 8 and AO is turned on

that is absolutely great! youre good. i cant wait to see more! very detailed. :slight_smile:

Some progress. I had to delete some of the details (most of the screws) to reduce the polycount.


Hehe. Reminds me of school (lot of construction there). That looks just like one of those bins, keep up the great work!

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