Carver MT for 2.8


I’m working on bringing back Carver MT for blender 2.8.
It’s working, but there is still a lot of code refactoring to do.

As a hobbyist I never used it, so i’m wondering if anyone can tell me what can be improved on this addon.

The addon can be find here :

Todo :

  • Refactoring the code
  • Bug fix
  • Add stuff




Hi. Since this addon has been officially added to 2.79, I think that sooner or later it will be ported to 2.8 by developers.
But if you are doing this to learn and for fun, I have an old request for this addon. That in Ortho view, to be able to visualize Grid “over” the object in solid view for the main views (that the object does not cover the Grid). That way Grid serve as a guide to work more accurately without the need for X-Ray/wireframe mode.

By the way, this Grid request would be nice to have it in all Blender 2.8, not just for the addon

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YAFU, there’s no guarantee scripts in blender 2.79 will make it to 2.8 release unless people like clarkx help. Some addons in 2.49 did not get back in until 2.6 or 2.7 series. Unless people help, addons that are not fixed will be removed from 2.8 then face review again before they get back. Simply there are too few addons devs working with Blender built in addons for the current list to be sustainable.

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Oh, thanks for the clarification. I had imagined that the plan was officially to port the most important addons.
So good luck with this @clarkx !

Thanks @Meta-Androcto. @YAFU, I will add a grid later, as you request. Thanks.

The first post have been updated with a link for a first version.
I’ve add an icon in the toolbar to activate Carver or by using ALT+X.


hi @clarkx, am I not sure how to enable snapping functions or actually cannot be activated?

can you add “the bevel function wiith the mouse wheel” to the vertices?..
ideally it would be useful to be able to create shapes (even with the use of bezier) before sending boolean functions …

hi, I ran a few tests with a nightly build and received errors. The brush settings seemed not to work I was having trouble getting them to create any thing. That could be user error but there were several errors reported in the console. clarkx, I would concentrate on errors before adding any other functionality. When your ready we could start a task here: and add your updated version ito Blender for 2.8 release. Thanks. Keep up the great works. :slight_smile:

Carver on 2.8 !

This is a great news!!!

I have been waiting for Carver to get updated to 2.8. It’s one of my most used addons in Blender 2.7
Also the profile brush function looks amazing. I’m going to try it out as soon as I can.

Thanks guys !
@Meta-Androcto, to be clear and as I said in the first post, I’m still refactoring the code for the moment, then I will look at the bugs and then I will add stuff :slight_smile:


First batch of code refactoring + minor fixes.
The updated code is in the link in the first post.

Does anybody can explain to me what the “Profile Prefix” is useful for ?




The link of Carver in the first post have been updated

  • More refactoring code
  • Add a check region, to prevent the user to draw outside of the screen (for the moment, the bgl turn RED)
  • Get rid of the incremental snap and use instead the scale of the internal grid
  • Add a mini grid around the cursor in line cut mode only (for the moment) as suggest by @YAFU :
    • In line cut mode, use CTRL to display the mini grid
    • Use the mouse wheel up / down to change the scale
    • work only in ortho




Cool! You managed that nice mini grid to be on par with Blender grid. Thank you.
What would be good, too, is being able to see the entire grid over your model. Here an old mock-up that I had done, is just an image as a plane with the grid and transparency, placed in front of the camera:

In this way, the grid is always visible over the entire model, and you can use the grid as a reference, for example, to make cuts on the opposite side, using previous cuts as a reference. Anyway maybe this is beyond the possibilities of an addon, and it would be nice if @hypersomniac (Clément) could add this option to all blender.

@YAFU I can redraw the grid but in my test it was not very convenient to use. If I use a default color to draw the grid, like the orange one for Carver, it will be very distracting for the eyes and if I use the theme color, wich is grey, we can barely see the grid in overlay on the default cube. What I can do is extand the mini grid to the edges of the screen,I have updated the addon with this solution, until we can find a solution for the color that can be convenient for everybody. Thanks YAFU.

OK, no problem. What I show in mock-up should be implemented in Blender, an option “in front” for Grid, and options for correct visibility of the Grid regardless the object color.
If we configure X-Ray a bit so that we can see a little the Grid over the object, your mini grid is really useful. The possibility of configuring Blender grid properties from the add-on is also very useful.
Thank you!

Carver for 2.8! This is nice news indeed! It is a very useful tool and would be a pity not to have it in 2.8.

i simply would like to say thank you clarkx for 2.8 version and effort in general

Hello! Thanks for your work. Very useful addon. But now how can I see it’s unstable. When I go to B (Profil brush) -> D = it crashing.
And very often it crashing when I just try to switch on it.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/ToshibaHDD/Soft/Blender_280/2.80/scripts/addons/object_carver/", line 963, in invoke
AttributeError: 'Scene' object has no attribute 'update'

location: <unknown location>:-1

This addon is great!