QBlocker for Blender 2.8

I love this add-on as well although and would love to see further feautures/enhancements, some ideas (some already mentioned):


Good idea! I don’t know why i did in this way.

Interesting idea! Maybe in a later version i will do something like this :slight_smile:

Sadly in the past months i did not have too much free time to work on the addon. Only the important fixes. My job takes a lot of energy and time from me. But i want to find some time to implement new features. I like to work with Blender and python. So much freedom and easy to use. Feels good after maxscript/max SDK. :smiley:


Wow just tried it and it is awesome thanks!


I really like this Add-On as well! :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed, in using the latest BoxCutter in 2.8, is their snapping system.
It’s very fast, compared to the QBlocker one, which can get very laggy/delayed sometimes.

I’m not sure what they are doing vs. this one, but it would be nice to have similar performance if possible/not alot of work.

release a version for 2.79 too please!

Wow, this looks impressive! I need to spend more time looking at new add-ons, lol. With this, Carver, and Pablo Dobarro’s new blueprint tool, I start to wonder whether 2.80 really needs the 2.7x era mesh creation tools from NP Station added to the mix :slight_smile:



This addon is really nice.
I use it with my script i draw boxes and do lot of booleans.
What i need the most is the PolyDraw feature.
I also find that the ctrl toggle is nice bit it could be nice to have the ctrl+x too.
The snapping works nice. Amazing job ! Thank you!

Hi Balázs Szeleczki.

It might be interesting for your add-on users to find a “Documentation” button in your add-on preferences:

It’s just a line to add in the bl_info paragraph of your python file:

"wiki_url": "https://blenderartists.org/t/qblocker-for-blender-2-8/1146607",

Thank you.

Love the tool, would add 2 (albeit quite obvious) suggestion here:

  • undo or delete within the qblocker mode: without it I find myself exiting qblocker mode to delete stuffs more often than necessary.

  • alternative way to toggle permanent snapping: as long as it’s on I can’t seem to zoom with mouse wheel (because key is bound to “snap division”).

Also there is a subtle bug involving using qblocker when current collection’s selectability is set to disabled, but that’s totally avoidable by me, so less of an issue.

Hmm i will look into it. Do you know when the performance drop happens? Object with lot of triangles, or lot of modifiers?

2.79 compatibility can be a lot of work. :frowning:

Thanks! Polydraw can be possible in a later version.
I just changed the snap keys yesterday for the new version. The two mode will be on Z and X keys with toggle. I i want to get rid the forced snapping, and only snap if the mouse close enough.

Thanks! I will do it! :slight_smile:

Yes i want to add a stack for object in the tool to undo them. I hope it won’t be a problem with the blender undo system.
Snapping hotkeys will change soon:)

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Seems like if is just a denser mesh , snapping perf drops. Sometimes would stall blender for 30 seconds to recover and get out of it. I’m not sure how hard ops does it. But in that test, was basically no lag. Or almost no lag.

Modifiers maybe impact it. Depends how you are getting / caching the verts I guess.

I wonder if is “easy” or a good idea to fade a radius or use a radius for snapping to. Like only look at verts within a Radius and also ignore backface to improve perf. Maybe could use a sphere cast/ voxel type intersection. But not sure if need to store / cache mesh or not. I have to look at how I did that in a script I wrote. I made a custom shrink wrap script in 2.79. Since shrink wrap mod was limiting.

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I’m using the blender own ray_cast function to get the target mesh and face id. Sadly the ray_cast return the modified object data, but i can’t get that one except if i duplicate the mesh with collapsed modifiers. But it only happen on the first touch and using that one until the mouse leaving the mesh.
The calculation of the snapping points only happen with the target polygon data. And that can’t be too much, except if you are using a huge vertex counted Ngon.
I just working on the radius for snapping. But it can’t help on performance, just nice to have. :confused:

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Aaah. Yes. That makes sense. Have to collapse to get final verts. I did same for mine. Copy mesh and collapse. But is only at first and not real time. That’s tricky.

Does blenders internal snapping work on modifiers ? I think so. But I need to test that perf as well.

I’ll try some thing today. But for me, with my old pc setup, the performances begin to slows down when the object have a lot of modifiers(booleans in my case). I’ll try with applied modifiers.
So, i’ve added shadow to the helptext. And i add the Qblocker Menu to my pie menu . Trying to add it in a sidepanel.

you can see the Qblocker in my Pie Menu.


Dl the 2.80…unless you can’t

no unfortunately my pc cpu its old so it cant run opengl 3.3 (i think so), also a new procesor would be nice too but i cant afford a new one (or just what i need to replace from it)…

I have an Intel core i7-920 12 years old.

mine its Pentium® Dual-Core E5500…

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Your CPU doesn’t actually seem to have a GPU, so it has nothing to do with OpenGL 3.3. It’s about that video card you are using.

Also a very capable GPU can be had for less than 20 bucks used these days. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AMD-ATI-Radeon-HD-7450-2GB-VGA-HDMI-DVI-PCI-E-Video-Card-US-Fast-Shipping/254314420448