Hi All

Started on a new model yesterday, her name will be Casey.



Hi All

Have not had too much time to work on this, struggling with the mouth, have deleted and started again a few times. I think it is getting better but still needs to be improved.

Did some detailing on the eyes.

Cheers Shaun

looks good so far. nice eyeballs.

Looking good. Now with a little shadow from the upper lid… To answer a comment from one thread in another. Box modeling or sculpting the creations looked great, guy. I believe I see the shadow in post #2 already.

Very nice eyes my only comment would be that the veins in real eyes are actually quite visible. yours are pretty blurred out. as if they are deeper under the surface rather than just slightly under the surface. i would look up videos on how they make glass eyes for people.(they actually use fine threads for the veins)

@Modron, thanks man, have a look at future posts for me and don’t hold back.

@Ghost, added some AO for the viewport render so the shadows are showing up nicely now.

@MicahN, thanks for looking in and comments. Thanks for the tip about the glass eyes, never thought of that, I will definitely have a look as some.

A bit of work done today, well in fact over several days as I stuffed up alignment of my ref images and since all the hard work on the head had been already done ie: eyes, nose and mouth I decided to fiddle with vertices and not start again, probably would have been quicker if I started again. :yes:

There is a considerable difference in size in this girls left and right side, so eyes do look a bit close together at the moment. I am still using a mirror modifier so this cannot be sorted at the moment.



Very nice progress. Shaun. You have become a fast modeler. Looking at the eyes I wonder if the cornea is only hidden in the wireframe view or if it isn’t part of the model?

Hi minoribus

Thank you.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. :smiley:


Thanks, Shaun, I see. I think the cornea region should be more bulged like in this wires and reference. It will give a noticeable difference in the reflection patterns of the eyes.


Hi minoribus

Thanks for the pic I will get that done, I was looking for eye ref pics on the net and there do not seem to be many.

I saved a file and applied the mirror mods that I was using in order to do some quick proportional editing ( you gotta love that feature ) as well as a quick front view texture paint job. Thought maybe about making her into a sith, just and idea as all and sundry are making star wars things and they are having all the fun and I am feeling left out.

or maybe one not so dark?


I think she looks better as a benevolent character in white. looking good.

Good job. I agree with Modron. I think she looks better as a “good” character because of his relaxed facial expressions and the roundness of her face. But also the lighting is a big factor in a character’s look, so maybe with a more dramatic lighting it would probably look more evil. Also Darth Casey doesnt sound so scary to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoying watching your work on Casey… just wondering, is the skin shader you are using now, a similar setup as your previous model?

Hi All

@ Modron, thanks man I agree about the good girl look, she just seems to have that face.

@ Nonsenseart, thank you. I also think definitely better as a good girl. I do not think you could make her face look evil. :smiley:

@ harley, nice to see you visiting here. The procedure has started the same, high res pic projection painted in Blender. The shader setup is very simple at the moment, just the painted UV Map mixed with a glossy.


Hey Speed7 another portrait eh?
I like the eyebrows and her eyes (shaders, form, all in generall), the eyebrows are particles or textures?

the best luck in this proyect :slight_smile:

As usual this is coming along great. I personally like the grey eyes. Just for the fun of it why not put a spotlight below her and have it point up while playing with the angle. That has always been the tradition scary lighting setup. Damn you’ve got this box modeling going your way for sure.

Hi All

@ joseperez, another one yes :D. The eyebrows are just textures at the moment. I have been putting a lot of work in the eyes and I think if I can get them right half the battle will be won. Thanks for comments.

@ Ghost, remember the old torch under the chin at camps, need to go camping again. I am sure you know this, but I have heard that the reason this looks creepy is that we are used to seeing people being lit from the sun and lighting above. Ghost if I am to get a human head out at all it just needs to be modelled this way for now as I told you my sculpting skills suck. It does take a long time though (for me anyway). I will just have to at some time bite the bullet and learn the sculpting trade.

@ Clock, and a happy new year to you my friend, yeah we will not mention the cricket, nothing to stuffing mention from my side. Have a look at what I missed out on today. Box tickets with as much grub and hootch (tickets from guys that supply our concrete slabs) that anyone could want and the stadium is closed courtesy of SA Cricket team. :mad:

Some more work done on the head, I would please like severe crit on attached pics if you guys do not mind. Mirror mods have all been applied, still need to model tear ducts.

more to follow.

And another two.


Hi Shaun,

Been there, had that experience, nothing worse than being denied a good day out on the razzle by incompetent bloody sportsmen! I happened to be in Oz TWICE when we got a 5:0 drubbing! I am not going again when the cricket is on - England win when I don’t go…

Anyways - much respect for trying a human head, it’s beyond my sculpting skills so I cannot offer much advice I am sorry to say. But it’s looking good to me. Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Clock.

Hi Shaun, nice progress with the model. May I bring your attention to the six star pole, though, which you have right beside the nostril? The edge flow isn’t optimal there and it could cause some trouble later. I’m sure you noticed that pole already, but just in case …

I agree with others. She looks better with the white scarf. It’s that kind of face :slight_smile: