Castle / Medieval Game Level Construction Set

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Pay me to make the Sci-Fi set? I’m afraid there’s way too much work for me to make that and sell it just to you. I’ve got plenty of $25 CAD design work to do as part of my normal job, so to jump off of that and start modeling exclusively for you I’d have to charge the same rate. I need to sell something many times. I sell on Turbosquid. I have 2 accounts there. The one in my signature is the Castle Builder brand one, the other is Thetexturestore. Just search for that.

If you mean how do you pay me for the castle set, just click the TS link in my signature and purchase it through TS.

I was just asking in reference to what I could do to make this set and future additions more user-friendly. But thanks for your interest, I appreciate it.

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You have done a great job with this set. It seems versatile to me and you have enough pieces to get one going. Adding more would never hurt but you have to draw a line somewhere finding a nice balance between amount and price. The fact that it sits on a grid just comes with the territory of a set like this.

Things I would like to see: Maybe an additional texture set to show off the versatility. Examples of your textures…Diff, Normal Map, Spec Map…etc…How did you uv map this?..More add-on props to dress up the walls. A displacement map would not hurt either.

What would help to sell it more to me?..Think examples of a scene with not just only this set used but with additional pieces to show how it would look like fully dressed with all bells and whistles…It seems you are working towards that though. Your promo shots look good BTW

This is just my two cents…feel free to ignore any or all of it…:slight_smile: I have always enjoyed looking at your medieval scenes and pieces.

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Thanks. Yes, all of that is underway. I even have some Medieval themed music composed by Phil Rey for my Ayleth project I’ll be using for a video walk / fly through. I’m really OCD, so it is tough for me to complete things. Getting those walls up was a triumph for me. Kinda sad really. I’ve got someone on board who is exploring the possibility of making a small game with the pieces, so that will give it some exposure.

UV unwrapping is basic. All textures tile and nothing is baked. I assume people will change the UV’s once they join up parts anyway, so I just gave some basic layouts. All of the pieces unwrap cleanly. Wood uses Smart UV project, as it tends to give a better result than unwrapping - it respects the fact that the lengths of the uv’s should play a role in the unwrap, meaning that normal unwrap will place a long rectangle left to right, and another one top to bottom. Smart unwrap always without fail lines up long sections top to bottom, which is what you want, assuming you’ve got your texture lined up with the grain going top to bottom.

Props are well underway. Here are some books. I baked some lower poly versions for shelf stuffers last night.

The medium poly books, shown, are 206 faces, shelf filler books are 18. The medium poly books are intended as feature books. Something out on a desk or the object of a quest etc. Ok, off to work. Thanks for your feedback.

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All the foundation set pieces:

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The large vaulting I’ve completed, but need to render and publish. It connects to the foundation set via a wall with a 9’ x 9’ cutout, into which you can insert any of the foundation set doors etc. The small door in the bottom picture is an example. These parts are 18’ tall, making it ideal for a great hall or larger room / hallway. Edit: Just noticed a small area of stretched texture. I’ll fix it.

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Awesome work 3dmedieval, This is prefect for my project… I’ll consider buying it in the future!

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Thanks, and if you do, please send me some images / videos through the website, and I’ll of course give you a link.

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New windows for the vaulting set. Or window openings. Glass will come later as a separate set. I’ve got some really nice diamond window materials ready.

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Also thinking about a starry ceiling texture to be applied to vaulted ceilings. I don’t know if this is a good or a terrible idea…

I think I will probably give it a more hand painted look, like this by Giotto. And then some areas of flaking paint. And maybe a spec map for the gold stars. I dunno…thoughts? I kinda like the look of it. Old, faded grandeur.

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A very exciting plinth. I’m going to make a big Iron lantern which can sit on top of it.

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Wow, this all looks really great. Nice assets, really!

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Thank you very much. I appreciate all of the support. I’m enjoying putting this together.

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A grand staircase. The whole thing is about 15.5k faces, so It would be something a game designer may use in a main hall etc.

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Just downloaded the Foundation set, looking forward for the next ones! Amazing work!

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Thank you very much. You are sale #1, and you did it through an “affiliate link”, meaning you went to Turbosquid through one of my links, which earns me 80% commission, as opposed to 60%, so thanks for that.

Please let me know if there’s any help I can provide. If I need to make any changes etc, I’ll get you the updated file. And also please send me screens etc, and I’ll use them on the site and give you a link if you want one.

I’ll be uploading other files really soon. Like that set of steps, the vaulting, round towers etc. They are done. I’m just extremely ocd about the presentation etc, so I struggle with publishing stuff. I wish I could just hand off complete files to someone for processing into TS products.

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Quick update: No I have not forgotten about this project. I’m just completely overwhelmed with work at the moment. I own a custom furniture design and building company, and I’m trying to make the switch to primarily design, while sending the fabrication to a friend’s shop. That means that as I make the switch, I’m working on several very large design projects and fabrication projects. Sigh…Good money, but little time. That should change as I clear out the fabrication tasks and focus 100% on design, marketing, photography etc. So there’s my overly detailed reason why I have not published anything lately.

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I’ve created a set of door and window designs in 2d formats. 24 in total. They are Sketchup files, but I exported them to DXF, DWG and vector PDF, so you can scale them as you like and use them as patterns for creating 3d assets. They are pretty tough to draw properly, but it is important to get the details right when you want to create realism in your scenes. So, I researched the rules and learned to draw them.

Direct links to TS:

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Thanks to Jackii, the mist / fog node setup has been published:

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Wow looks cool! Nice to see this set evolving and evolving. Hopefully I can use it for a game but I’m currently running short on ideas.

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This looks great.

I am almost tempted to pat myself on the shoulder and foolishly say that I might have some part in inspiring the creation. However, your work in the past actually inspired me to do some of the things I am currently trying to finish.

One difference is I tried to create my own textures, sculpted or hand painted. I start to regret this. Can you tell me if your main source for textures is CGtextures and will I go wrong if I spend some of my money there.

Modular approach is great once one wraps his head around it. Thumbs up.