Cat Model - Thoughts?

I would like thoughts on this feline friend and how to make her better.


The paws look like the paws of a teddy bear. On real cat paws you can often see the individual toes.

Since putting the cat together took 45 minutes and is meant for a distance shot, so not a lot of detail, the subject is nice to notice - already known and subsequently ignored for current project.

Please try to share that kind of information in your original post. BjarkeDuBe went out of his way to critique your picture (as you asked) and found a reference picture to demonstrate an area of improvement, but he could have avoided this or suggested something else if you had said that it was going to be for a distance shot (however, the problem is clearly visible on the render).

Be that as it may, I may have come across as rude seeing as I have posted numerous posts on this forum without any feedback - and then to get something so insignificant.

As it is, in all actuality, the distinction is only visible on pale cats, multi toned tabbies, & short furred animals.

Dark to black cats as well as solid colored cats, unless stepping, don’t have obvious toes at a glance nor do long furred animals such as Maine Coons.

Be that as it may, I may have come across as rude seeing as I have posted numerous posts on this forum without any feedback - and then to get something so insignificant.

Having a quick glance at your other posts (especially the ones where you’re the thread starter), they’re generally vague and borderline one liners. Whilst I don’t propose creating TL;DR descriptions, it sure helps when you’re a bit more elaborate when looking for feedback for your work. If you don’t want ‘insignificant’ feedback, then you should detail exactly what kind of feedback you would find significant. When you do get feedback, you often attack and undermine it as irrelevant and insignificant.

As for your original picture; the main thing that struck me when I saw it was the back leg(s). It looks very stiff and straight. I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong with it, but it definitely looks a bit wooden. I would imagine it looks more like this. I’m not sure if the fluffy tail works either, because the rest of the cat is short-hair, and it suddenly gets longer towards the tip of its tail (and blurs out for some reason.) I’m not sure I like the fur itself either on the rest of the cat, the direction seems to randomly change direction whereas on most cats, it’s quite uniform. For example, on the body it more or less goes from let to right, around his neck top to bottom, and his tail wherever it wants to go. The only uniformity is on his legs and his head.

As for his feet, given the color of the cat is grey in your picture, I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that you would notice his toes or lack thereof. You would definitely see it if you had a shot this close in a project. For distance shots however, you’re looking at the silhouette more than anything and I definitely think that the back leg needs looking at.

You do come across as rude and very entitled.

I read your other posted threads in the focused critique and you are almost never accepting of any constructive criticism (which is exactly what this forum is for). To say that you have posted numerous times on here and not get any feeback is incredibly hypocritical, and highly misleading. The truth is actually quite the opposite: You posted your christmas scene twice in two days, and rudely dismissed a genuinely helpful comment with “The floor is irrelevant to the entire scene.” You reposted your Beer scene a few days apart and got several comments on each, and it was YOU who didn’t even respond to any of the people that took time of their day to offer their help to YOU. In the second thread you only response was this:

That’s just flat out rude. That attitude does not deserve help. You got several replies to your second cake icing thread in a couple of days and YOU didn’t even respond. Your Canoe image was so early in development that there wasn’t really anything to critique. I had to go back to April to find a single comment from you that was actually a positive response to any help that people provided.

If you want people to critique your work, then accept what they say or provide polite reasons why you disagree. There is not a single person on here who owes you or anyone else anything. We all help each other out, we all benefit from it, we strengthen a community and even make new friends. I have lost count of the number of times that I have asked for help, and had numerous great answers, and every single one is another person somewhere taking time out of their day to help me. How on earth can I be rude in response?! I cannot, and not once I have I been rude or dismissive of any help I have received. On the flip side of that, I often post long and (hopefully) helpful critiques, usually about composition.

To put it simply, if anyone provides a polite opinion (regardless of how helpful you think it is), especially if it is in a focussed critique thread, then treat them with respect! If you don’t want help, then don’t post on the focussed critique.

The leg is definitely wrong. It is in fact anatomically impossible for a cat’s leg to do what that leg is doing.

The joint directly above the paw is an ankle joint, so it can never bend backward the way it appears to be doing in that render, and the knees for digitigrades never go completely straight.

Well said! I’ve just had to write him an essay on another thread after being a douche to somebody there!

Well, I was going to point out the same anatomical, significant, visible from far away problem with the cat’s legs, but DKesserich already said it with a much better diagram than the one I had done.

@KuroOokami, perhaps it would help if you thought of yourself as the Queen, visiting the county faire. And the little people here are coming to offer you their gifts of home spun clothing and hand tooled leather accessories. Ask yourself, what does the Queen do? Does she belittle the time and effort her loyal subjects have put into making their humble offerings? Does she flatter them and lie about their gifts being the finest in the land? Does she even wear the clothing, tie the ribbons in her hair, or toss away her golden snuff box to replace it with the humble leather box she just recieved?

No, none of this. She graciously accepts the gift, thanks the good people for their efforts, says something that acknowledges she has noticed the features of the gift, and promisses to give the gift, and the giver, the care and attention it warrents.

Notice this is a win-win: the Queen has not made any promisses she won’t keep, nor said anything that wasn’t strictly honest, and the humble peasant feels good that his sovereign took notice of the time and effort he put into making the gift. The peasant is rewarded by positive regard for his work, and the Queen is rewarded by more loyalty on the part of her subjects, not only the maker of the gift, but also his friends and well-wishers in the village. Everybody is happy.

I notice you come from Hell, and ask that your attitude be forgiven. Might I suggest that you check your attitude at the door?