Cells Animation

Hello everyone! I need to do cells animation. What the best way? See the reference.Cells

There’s a little bit of discussion in:

Lots of people do this sort of work these days as drug companies and the like need to demonstrate things and it’s one of the biggest markets for freelance animation.

Doesn’t hurt to pick up a little biology if you need it (or just because it’s insanely cool):

Cellular animations tend to be very stylized and it can be more like hard-surface modeling than something truly organic IMHO. The goal is generally to demonstrate some specific process rather than produce an accurate simulation of reality, so you show just what you need to.

I saw this amazing post. And you’re right, there is a LITTLE BIT info how to do this. How to build the cell and an animation of him. Two days I’m looking for something similar on youtube and nothing. And yes, I taught biology at school))

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