Celluloid Material

Ok Fam, I am at my wits end… I am trying to get a celluloid/faux pearlescent material used in lots of decorative products. Think the guitar pics:

or a material called “Juma”…

I have tried playing with velvet, subsurf, mixed refraction, you name it. I cannot get this look so the light reflects based on a pattern. I am using this mono pattern to try to get it to work:


Any ideas on what set of shaders I need to be pursuing??

Here is another reference knife handle made from the materal…

Thanks a lot guys/girls!

Pearl and pearlscent materials are multi-layered materials and they are more complex.

Example, there are real pearl materials:

And this is complexity of the material with VSHADE. Without VSHADE this will be more and more complex.

Thanks… Your pics are of a pearl (natural) material vs a velvety celluloid I am after. I have the pearly material I want but the problem is how to mix the interaction with the other diffuse colors. The green material for example… the light is reflecting straight at the viewer making those reflections less of the green color, and more of the velvety white (or “pearly”) color…

Not sure if I am explaining well …

You must use Dispersion setup and Cycles cannot support dispersion, you must setup your own setup.

Celluloid materials have multiple layers and this layers create dispersion effect.

VMATS and VSHADE creates this effects automatically.

Thanks again. What would be the closest thing using Cycles? It seems there is some way I should be able to mix a glossy shader (which already looks very close to the lighter submat, and a normal principled which gives a good look for the other submat (with a little subsurf scattering)…

This is a detail on a part that is not very close to the camera, so it doesnt need to be perfect…

If you want realistic. you must create complext setup. If you want non-realistic, maybe artistic result, you can create this effect with texture painting maybe.

check these

have fun
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I think I have a pretty decent celluloid material now. I am struggling with how to mix it with the colored diffuse material… thats the frustrating part!

Just in case you haven’t got enough ideas…you could try this and play with it…

It’s a bit simpler and in Eevee…

Iridescent.blend (693.1 KB)

This really comes down to a mixing of two materials - a glossy that looks like satin, and a standard plastic… The satin needs a certain sheen so it reflects lighter when looking directly at it.

If i could get something like the GREEN material above in my post, I would be happy!

I shouldnt have mentioned the term ‘pearl’ because its really not relevant. its more of a satin bubbly look inside a diffuse material.

@ RSEhlers

tried to render it in EEVEE
i even added HDRI and the 2
but don’t get shiny faces or irridescence effect
is there some other parameters to be modified ?

thanks for feedback
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just a note of what I gathered from experience, this quest is more about opalescent matter (phenomena occurring within substance) than iridescence which occurs on a surface

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No…It is in a basic Blender UI…all defaults but EeVee render at 128 samples…AO+Bloom+Screen Space Reflections…Filmic etc…Used internal HDRI forest, but tried with imported HDRI and Rendered …no problems…I have no idea why…
What version of Blender are you using? I work in 2.83.7 LTS.

NOTE: Did anyone else have the same problem?

using 2.9
see viewport image and render in EEVEE with added sphere

should your object gives a lot more reflections Spec?


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Yes…I even had to turn up the roughness to stop the reflections from interfering with seeing the effect…off to try this in 2.91…BRB…

Just tried it in 2.91…exactly the same as in 2.83.7…
I hadn’t even opened 2.91 as yet…still in factory settings… so I have no idea why it isn’t working for you…you have any settings in the film…like high contrast or the like?

i use your mat no modif

just added a new sphere with your mat and seems to give a lot more spec
cube may not be the best way to show reflections i guess

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OK…Only you would need to re-map / scale the textures as it was intended for a flat surface…ie the Guitar Picks as you see in your last image of the cube…somewhat lost in the sphere…
Still don’t understand what is different as my view of the cube is the same refective as your sphere…and the cube in your scene is “Flat” …one possibility is the HDRI…it will effect the effect depending on what is used…I went with the built-ins for upload as all mine are at least 4k…

interesting problem for that cube

here is your original file no modif just rendered

what could be causing the cube to not reflect much spec ?

is your render showing a lot more reflections ?

i will try to find a higher HDRI map and see if i get same flat cube

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here is render with a 2 MB HDRI and another one with a 25 MB HDRI

cube is still crazy flat LOL

would like to correct that but what is the cause of this strange effect?

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here is my file with a small HDRI
try to render it and see if you get same results for the cube

Pearl-irridescence-HDRI-3.blend (2.6 MB)

here is my render

may be it could be my old video card not doing the job ?

happy bl