Challenge #430 (13/05/11) CLOSED

Theme #430 for 13 May 2011 is: “OH NO! What if that breaks/ tips over/ goes down/ crashes?”

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 16 May 2011.

Oh no. We are going to get some crazy images out of this one. Good luck everyone!

I’ll be interested to see how RobertT will interpret this one.

Hmmmm. There is going to be a lot of images for this on I think. :slight_smile: I can think of a mil things to do but none I can do in a weekend lol.

WIP so far. Hope to finish by Monday.

I call it: California :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this anything to do with it being Friday the 13th???


Oh Friday the 13, Mmmmmm Jason, all night tonight yay!!!

Hey guys, i’m new here. This is my first contest entry!

This entry is Open: everything is from blendswap except the milk and milk carton and the walls :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my image. It’s called “Who Put That There?” I got all the textures from google.

here’s mine.


“What if it breaks?”

OH NO! What if the system CRASHES!

And yes, this is a joke. Why? Because “If” is in the past tense :smiley:


Precarious Playtime

Pure entry

(Rendered in Octane)

those are supposed to be playstation symbols aren’t they?

Champagne glass in the first few instants of spontaneously shattering, as if by resonant frequency.

Hello again!

This is… “what if the spin-dryer starts?
After the first render i thought to improve the lights, some materials and some detail (the intersection between the wall and the floor for example)
But with my old machine it was impossible (i spent one hour and thirty minutes to render this… ok, there is some mirroring… but… what the hell!)

(Edit: Oh, it’s a pure entry)


Here’s my attempt for this week:
“The bridge”

This is the official PlayStation Network symbol. Made by me with a use of the shrinkwrap and some simple modelling.

Instead of using ‘Environment Lighting’ try using a hemi instead? Depending upon your lighting rig, probably at about right angle to your main key light (Even though that may be defunct in a typical toilet?).

Other than that, lower the samples…