Challenge #434 (10/06/11) CLOSED

Theme #434 for 10 June 2011 is: Opposites

Entry closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday 13 June 2011.

Reserving a chair…

I really want to reserve a chair as well…but I won’t sit down yet because it might get moved :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, here’s my image. Didn’t take as long as I expected, but i’m afraid it is going to have to be an open entry. I wanted to stray away from the obvious… so here’s my attempt.

Two Opposing Suicides



Then you would have a mardy bum :wink:

placeholder to force me to make something

Lol theyre committing suicide :D…Okay chair holder :smiley: reserve this spot

Hahahahaha, awesome, Sam!

Started one. See how it developes.

Bit of an update, but having fun with cashed images again, and a thumb for a deleted image.
Got some tileing artifacts showing on the flat face bump.
More work on the textures.

Quite happy with this for now. Still havent cracked nodes in cycles, but getting there.
Very Ying Yang.

Pure, my textures, but borrowed some bolts from the factory. Sorry, it should be open as I mixed a texture in gimp. Weve just had a new build of Cycles, so I may be able to put in a few finishing tweeks.
Altered a couple of things. Nothing major, just trying to get the hang of nodes really. Slight tweek to the lights. Machined the end faces, and tried to improve the cadmiun or is it TN coating. Thaught it needed something to finish it off.

Oh I, its called “99.”

Copying Rarebits lead, heres some mood music to go with it.


So different
Sometimes it feels like males and females are opposites, and that everything is complicated, but sometimes it just works out.


Here comes my non participating entry:

“Squirrels of two worlds” (non participating)

AS you can probably guess, used the last week’s entry as base, and kept experimenting a bit with the furs. Also did some post processing on gimp, as blender died on me while trying to composite the thing. :slight_smile:

(Here is a larger version, if interested:

@ cymoth

is that like native red squirrel and the grey squirrel?

except with different colours of course…

Here’s mine, “When opposites collide.”

Bogey, awesome worm gears! Nice work, and is very cool too.

“Angel an devil”
Pure, kinda hard to make it the way I wanted it to be like, but it turned out fine.

Didn’t really think it that way. The model (essentially same for them both, just some tuning in fur combing, and teeths (which ended up not sowing anyway)) is based on the red squirrels native here, have used to see those jumping in trees once in a while. I doubt it’s accurate enough to define the species completely tho :wink: For that image was more thinking with my old roleplaying/fantasy freak gene and celestial/darkness planes :slight_smile:

Thanks Helix. Their the guts to a super charger. I started thinking gears revolving in opposit directions. Then I remembered “roots type blowers”, and these are a more modern higher tech addaption, which fit the brief better. As you can see, loving cycles.
Love yours aswell. Looks like impasto oil. If I remembered the name correctly.
Cymoth, in your picture is the squirrel on the right supposed to be virtually invisible. It could be my moniter set up. Its get very long in the tooth.

I see Rebogey is making a device to move my chair without me noticing… Very good!

Cymoth, really liking them!

Helix, your supposed to be using Blender, not oil paints! Do you think this is the MOMA or something…

Thanks for the comments! I know it’s not oil paints, no smudges on my forehead…maybe finger paints :slight_smile:

@Bogey, I assumed it was nautical related, maybe contra rotating propellers. I guess a blower would be similar in principle.

@Cymoth, nuts for the squirrels! Here we have native Fox, red, and Grey squirrels, as well as black, but I believe the black are introduced. Every once in a while a white phase too! But no blue, although that would be pretty cool :slight_smile:


Glad you liked it Rarebit. So as not to cheat too much I used a pic of concord and the red arrows that I dident finish in time for the Old tech challange a couple of weeks ago, as the reflection map. You can see it in the first picture. I was chuffed at how “leaping dolphin” like it appears once I added a texture to the lobes. There even appears to be one face on in the last lobe on the right, with breaking waves and splashes. Hence the tune.
Could still have been thinking “frozen” as well I guess.
Good stuff everyone.
Off to tweek.

Here’s mine, pure Blender:

“Platonic duality”

Edit: image host gone, reupload