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This week’s theme:

80’s Technology

After 2 days of voting, a winner is declared: The voting will close on Wednesday.
The winner picks the theme for next week.

[ If the winner doesn’t supply a theme before Thursday 22:30 GMT, the organizer will select the theme. In this case, the winner’s theme will be used the next time we are lacking a theme on Thursday 22:30 GMT. :slight_smile: ]

Having selected the theme, the winner will not be eligible to enter that week. They may however still submit an image, but it won’t be included in the voting.

Pure Entries

  • DM9

  • Lux

  • Photox
    [post=3260800]Big Hair (what-ever)[/post]

  • beau11
    [post=3260788]Times up[/post]

  • purbosky
    [post=3261007]Little Box of Fun[/post]

  • didierv
    [post=3261051]The Minitel: The most successful pre-World Wide Web online services.[/post]

  • fdo
    [post=3261087]yamaha sy55[/post]

  • YAFU
    [post=3261146]Those analog gas pumps…[/post]

  • putr corps
    [post=3261251]Growing logic[/post]

  • usernew
    [post=3261311]Remembering the Sony Walkman[/post]

  • joshwinkler3d

  • fcharr

  • Millani
    [post=3261443]The Eighties Called[/post]

  • caz747
    [post=3261054]Break Out[/post]

  • str11
    [post=3261455]Commodore 1530 c2n Datasette[/post]

  • DoriNori
    [post=3261300]Toot Toot[/post]

  • RayVelcoro
    [post=3261506]80s Car Radio[/post]

  • g60
    [post=3261512]I got your number[/post]

Non-competing Entries

  • bazevedo
    [post=3260689]Lazer Tag[/post]

  • OLG
    [post=3260952]Memories of F117s[/post]

  • Helge
    [post=3261192]What’s this?[/post]

  • RobertT
    [post=3261231]STEAM, 1787[/post]

  • robproctor83

  • 3dmad

  • Munno101
    [post=3261585]80s and 90s[/post]

Awesome job everyone as usual. Good ole eighties, love it.

@DM9, @str11 how did you model/make the tape mess (outside the cassette)?

My vote went to putr corps due to the story and excellency

Whenever I look at putr corps all that comes into my head is " 42 " and at which point I grab my towel and avoid any Vogon poetry at all costs.

@putr corps all joking aside though it is a nice render and a full scene as well which is nice too. Good job and welcome to the challenges :slight_smile: nice first entry.

It’s easy! Used bezier curve as the guide, and bevel it with a plane with only the edges.

Why so few entries this time? :frowning:

DM9: Nice texturing and modeling. It’s very realistic. Great work! :smiley: But may I ask why these tapes were not modeled in Blender?

Lux: So many items from the 80s! My only critique would be the glass and the texture of the table. It also would have been good to have some book textures on the books. They look completely plain. Otherwise it is a good work! I like the feel of this image.

Photox: How much time did this took you to complete? I love this character! The eyebrows look weird to me and the eyelashes look like spikes. Also the top of the forehead where the hair meet look kinda blurry. very nice modeling and texturing here.

Beau11: If PAC-MAN were real, they would definitely look like this. I like how they are heading towards the sun like it is bigger treat :smiley:

purbosky: Some imperfections would have been good. The plastic material is good. It is definitely a little box of fun! :slight_smile:

: The Mintel. I never used it. I was not born in the 80s. But it would have been really fun to use these machines. Nice modeling and texturing.
The modeling is perfect to my eyes and the lighting. Can you give some tips about how you used the decals for the volume and other butons? they are perfectly aligned and consistent.

YAFU: Hmm…Blender gas pumps. That’s interesting! Night scenes are not easy. You did a good job here. :slight_smile: But they look as if they are standing in the middle of the ground/road.

putr corps: This is beautiful! Few things I would love to point out: The red material on the poles, what are they supposed to be? I mean, are they light or worn paint? Also the ferns sticking out looks weird to my eye. I love the TV and the wine growing on it. The

joshwinkler3d: I love this style! Pink background with green strip :slight_smile: I think you forgot to turn on the smooth shading on the rims surrounding the speakers. The modeling is really good.

fcharr: Nice modeling. The keyboard is kinda occupying the whole scene and I have nowhere to rest my eyes. That would be my only critique. The table looks nice!

Millani: I love the lighting and feel of this image. Yeah, it’s time to stand tall :slight_smile: Just the antennae looks fake.

caz747: Is that the toy? Nice idea of a toy breaking through. I like the background and the blue streaks lot.

str11: Another photo-realistic scene. I have nothing to say here except the tape looks weird. Like it should be more smooth.

DoriNori: 1880s really good work with the train model. Just the proportion is not right, and you forgot to add the sleepers.

RayVelcoro: Nice work! :slight_smile: The edges should have some bevel. That’s it.

g60: Wait! What happened? This thing was on top of a building a moment ago and now it is on resting on rocks? Haha Everything is nice about this image except two things: rock texture and the creases. The texture is repeating which is very uncommon to happen in rocks.

bazevedo: This is a good poster image! I love this effect!

OLG: The mountain looks nice. I like how you incorporated the silhouette of something from the 80s to a colored background. My big critique is that the mountain steals my attention :frowning:

Helge: What’s this? I don’t know. It looks like buttons. I don’t know. The lighting and materials and modeling is all perfect. I like the dust floating in the air. This is so realistic!

RobertT: This is amazing! People will mistake this to be a postage stamp! :smiley:

robproctor83: This is really good. It just lacks some imperfections and some dust would have been cool. A lot of modeling was done here and you did a really good job.:slight_smile:

3dmad: ET is really cool. the monkey looks scary! But is that a crack in the wall?

@usernew: Thanks for the comment - and (of course) for taking the time to go through the entries. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rob! And, in a way, you are right. Lately it has been used to play music.

Thanks YAFU. The eighth cylinder and the little bugs are just a distraction (more or less). FlyingBanana just figured it out.

Yes! It does. You got it! :slight_smile:

I have a lot to choose from, somehow i need to choose only one :confused:

My vote goes to:
DM9 - Great Photorealistic Image
Photox - I love the character you made, great model, materials and light
putr corps - Can’t say much, it’s just great :smiley:
usernew - oh how much i love photorealistic renders
str11 - That tape looks kind wierd, but the rest is very good

Non-competintg votes:
Helge - Still don’t know what’s this and i don’t mind. Great entry :smiley:
RobertT - Your entries are always perfectly crafted, can you show 3D view of it?
robproctor83 - Oh, it reminds me times when we had an attic in our house. A lot of cool things to find there.

This week i had a lot of work and couldn’t finish my entry. It would take too much time to finish. Guys, question to you. Do you have any good tutorials on modeling? Tips how to learn modeling? Or about topology? After over one year in Blender i still can’t do it :smiley:

Superb entries, everyone!

Photox: You got my vote. Excellent achievement with the hairspray/big hair effect combined with the subtle headphones / portable stereo reference.

usernew: Thank you!

skadoosh: Thanks! Here’s a look at the 3D View:


Wow, thanks for all the votes so far, people. :smiley:

My vote went to putr corps, I am not exactly sure what is happening in that scene, but it has indeed that Orwellish 1984 feel, good job.

@raron, usernew pointed it out quite well how to make the tape. - I used a nurbs spline and drew the intended shape of the tape flat on the XY plane, used the bevel option to give it some height and the solidify modfier to thicken the tape. Then I converted (a copy) of the object to a mesh and used proportional editing to move the intersecting parts above or below each other and rotated the tape here and there to give it some more variation.

@all … really great entries, the level seems to go higher and higher each week somehow.

@Helge, it took me a while to figure out what this is; the font helps indeed. - Now I can almost hear the screaking sound when I look at it. :smiley:

Really fantastic entries from everyone! As a child of the 1970’s who grew up in the 1980’s these bring back a lot of memories. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it has to do with it being a holiday weekend here in the US? Some people were probably traveling. I know I really wanted to enter something for this one and never had time because I had family in town.

Hmmm, the 80’s, let’s give this a fitting soundtrack:

Thank you RobertT, that’s amazing how you craft your scenes :smiley:

@DM9, this is amazingly realistic. If I had not seen the making process in entries thread, I would have assured that it was a photograph.

By the way, all those who made a cassette have done it very well. What modeling techniques have you used? All quads? Hard ops?

@DoriNori, @RobertT. Beautiful artistic entries there. I would not even know from where to start modeling those complex machines/ships. Really nice and detailed.

@Photox, I wish I could create such good quality hairstyles in Blender :frowning:

@putr corps, Welcome to the challenges and the forum :slight_smile: . Your first entry and you chose to be artistic and tell a story. I like it!

@usernew, thanks. Yes, maybe I should have searched on internet for a background of a night image to fill the background, but limited time to dedicate to the entry.

@Helge, the riddle was not easy :p. I had many of those, I should have guessed.

As always, very good entries. It’s a pleasure to be surprised every week, and enjoy the challenge.

Another great theme and another great crop of entries. Cool stuff.

@ usernew. Thank you for the critique. The light cycle I based my model on may well have been a toy, i’m not sure if it ever was though. The reference images I used were from the original Tron film, 1982, and from the arcade game of the same era.

I think the light cycle from the reboot Tron film looks much better, but that wasn’t made in the eighties so I couldn’t use it. Plus it looks a damn sight harder to get right.

@usernew, a good critique. I had to scramble a bit when @millani came in with a similar object. I accidentally disconnected the bump node for the rock material so the repetition was too obvious. Weekend challenge deadlines can be tense.

@DM9 - Let’s get that source file when you win. I want to tear it apart and learn your methods. Looks phenomenal, my friend!

After the 46 entries from last week, 25 feel like little :wink:
I too wasn’t around in the 80s, so I’ll probably miss most references.

DM9: The lighting and colours are amazing here. The model is very detailed and well done. I also liked the pencil on the back, just like the one I have on my desk (but much newer).

Lux: Very detailed, and I enjoyed exploring the image. You even have some 3d models of the save icon :smiley: The plastic on the keyboard really matches that of some old electronics I had.

Photox: I really loved this character. Her facial expression clearly says “what-ever”. The hair is pretty crazy and is very well done.

beau11: Haha, that pacwoman is pretty funny. I liked the lighting, but I found the style-clash between detailed grass and voxel art a bit strange.

purbosky: Strange times, when you needed specific hardware to run each game. The 2d decals seem to be just what you would expect from a game called “Space battle”. Also, I found it funny how you placed “cycles” and wc-753 there. The wood texture is a bit stretched though.

didierv: I had no idea that there were online services before the internet. Guess I learned something this week! I liked the screen, you seem to have simulated some of the defects that those screens had.

fdo: I remember having an Yamaha keyboard. I liked how you made the keys slightly misaligned. You could’ve also added a slight yellowish colour to them, to show that it is old.

YAFU: This reminds me of something futuristic, but with a 60s vibe (or 30s?). I think it is because of the font. The gas pumps look pretty cool.

putr corps: Loved the colours and contrast here. The way that plants are growing out of that huge TV is very interesting. Only the red material on those poles look a bit strange. It seems to be a plain emission shader, without reacting much to the environment.

usernew: Very realistic. I liked how you modelled the whole set (headphones + cassette + walkman).

joshwinkler3d: Pretty nice modelling. The angle of the camera is also nice, it gives the boombox an extra “boom”, if that makes sense. A little bit too pink for my tastes though :wink:

fcharr: Interesting to see a keyboard without arrow keys. The keys look a bit tall, but I don’t know how the real keyboard looked like. The lighting is fairly realistic. I’m not sure if cropping the sides was a good idea though. It gives me the impression that the focal element is something other than the keyboard.

caz747: I remember playing a 3d games with those cycles. The cyber background looks very cool. The vehicle looks a bit plastic though.

str11: Similar to DM9’s entry, the lighting and colours are really good here. I also liked the little scratches on the surface of the player. The models are very cool and detailed. The cable on the top looks barely flexible though, with some sudden, hard curves.

DoriNori: I liked the old-photo effect. Also, the guy with the strange bicycle is pretty funny. The train is very nice and detailed, but I don’t know how a person would fit anywhere inside it (it appears to be only some 2.5m tall). Also, I think you could’ve added some motion blur to the vegetation, since cameras during that time were very sensitive to movement.

RayVelcoro: Pretty realistic, as the image already states :wink: I liked the wood texture on the front.

g60: Good thing we had two phones here, since a single phone is not very useful :wink: The model looks nice (the one model this week that I know how it is supposed to look like), but it looks thinner (front-back) then it was supposed to. Regarding the rocks, I think you could’ve used sculpt mode to make some irregularities.

bazevedo: No idea what a Lazer tag is, but pretty cool poster-effect. The logo looks pretty neat too.

OLG: As I said in the entries thread, the mountains are pretty cool. By the way, do these planes leave an air-trail behind like large commercial ones? That would’ve been a nice touch.

Helge: What’s this? It is a hella cool image with amazing lighting and colours. (Even after YAFU’s answer I still haven’t a clue what this is). I also want to know what are those insects. The abdomen looks a bit too long for ants, but the antennae look pretty ant-like.

RobertT: This looks a lot like some poster advertising the boat, or maybe the cover of the ticket for a trip. I really liked the boat and the colours. The angle also makes me go “Wow!”.

robproctor83: A lot of detail in this image. I liked the overall chaos, and how you have a box full of addons for blender. The room is very amazing, specially the fog. I just think there is a slight style clash here: The things in the foreground look very shiny, while in the background even the air is dusty.

3dmad: I remember that alien! The appearance of suzanne on the TV was pretty funny, and also how you explained how one of those brick phones look like from the inside :wink:

Munno101: Glad to see that things improved after 10 years :smiley: The controller on the left looks pretty cool, but the colours of the one on the right are strange, specially the black.

For anyone who doesn’t know the magic of Lazer Tag, this is what it is. I remember spending countless hours running around the block playing this with my friends. You could also play as a team against the starbase which would fire at you while you tried to hit it. I’m pretty sure this is still in a box somewhere at my parent’s house.