Challenge #804 (16/11/18) Entries CLOSED

(Millani) #21

I prefer the yellow version, it seems more dramatic, if that makes sense.


I agree, I just wasn’t sure if Stan Lee stood out as much in that one. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for your thoughts!

(Photox) #23

Awesome character! Yeah yellow, I guess, actually it would probably look better (or jump out anyways) with a darker background, because the character is so light.


True, true, Hmm… I added a darker variation with a bit more orange. Dose that look good? Is it to dark?

(Photox) #25

Man, hard to say. The Stan Lee character is so strong, and so clean, and the background and quote bubbles seem kind of tossed in and set up. It’s up to you ultimately.


Yeah, thanks. I guess I’ll just stick with the brighter yellow one 'cause I like the color. I’m sure I could have done a better job of the background, I thought about having some of the marvel characters in the back, but that would of been a bit to much work for me to do at the moment. I’m sure I could have just grabbed some images online, but I like to create everything myself. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe when I have more time, I’ll do a better image.

(Helge) #27


non-competing (pure), cycles (512 samples + denoising)

Nice to see that things are well on the way! :slight_smile:
It is already getting late - I guess, I better start putting something together, myself…
Let’s see how things work out.

Holy Nighttime, Batworm! - I think I’ll call it a day and finish this one tomorrow… Good night!


Boring and Coloring:


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(purbosky) #28

What a coincidence @Helge, was making a blue-thingy creature too, lol… though this will not be the only one that popped out of the comic book. :grinning:


(Helge) #29

What a coincidence, indeed! I wonder if, on Monday night, we will have more blue creatures or more Stan Lees… Let the race begin! :slight_smile:

(RobertT) #30

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles render, only procedural textures.


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(Millani) #31

Atomic Superstar

Pure entry. The “GODZILLA” text and the radioactive texture were made in inkscape, the rest was in Blender using procedural textures.

Talk about leaving my comfort zone. I don’t really understand anything about comics or cartoons, but it was a lot of fun abusing of Blender’s emission shader and doing other crazy stuff with nodes.

Old version:
I tried to add a pointillist effect, but it looks pretty weird. Maybe I’ll remove it in the final version.

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(FlyingBanana) #32

Well I’m not real happy with the grease pencil drawing so I am going to scrap my entry. Will still do something in my more capable drawing software but not going to have anything this challenge. Apologies to anyone that might have tossed doing a Stan Lee as well.

(purbosky) #33

Book of Imagination

Pure entry. Cycles 256 samples, procedural textures, all works done in Blender.

Challenge #804 Voting CLOSED

Toy animation
I had no intention to submit anything this week, but then I saw this animation by Lucas Zanotto ( this afternoon and I couldn’t resist to try to recreate a part of it. Not really comics maybe, but here it is anyway.

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(3dmad) #35

“Up, Up And AWAY”
Renderer: Cycles

Applications Used:

The magazines on the ground are just some of my old WC entries with a few Krita filters applied to them and some vector art.

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(GIPeN) #36

Captain Caveman

Pure entry, cycles, 500 samples

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(joshwinkler3d) #37

That takes me back - I used to watch re-runs of this

(Ansaar13) #38

Early Morning Kwik-E-Mart

The Simpsons was one of my favourite comic books growing up, so here’s a tribute to childhood.

Open competing entry as lots of textures were used. Rendered with 399 samples and post-pro done in Blender.

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(joshwinkler3d) #39

I won’t be entering anything for this one - my first idea I can’t do (character modelling) and my second my laptop can’t handle (just over a million verts - although I’m sure I’ve worked with more than this before)

(Francisco Charrua) #40

Low Poly Man

This is it! Putting it up on all my social media :slight_smile:
Pure entry, 1000 samples.

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