Challenge #806 Voting CLOSED

(icyou520) #21

I hope no one minds if I critique the entries. If you do not want me to in the future just DM me.

I hope I am not to harsh or picky, these are just the thoughts I had while looking at your image. Its all for fun. I can only hope to have half the funny wit that @Millani had while doing this.

Great job this week everyone.

Texasfunk101: The Crossing

We have a winner!!! Oh wait, is that two S’s in dessert. Sorry sir you have been disqualified, but next time we have a desert theme, Im picking you to win. Great Job.

FlyingBanana: I love Cheesecake

I thought you had it won this week, I think you nailed this piece. It looks delicious, good composition, good render, all around great piece. My only critique would be to add some smudges on the glass cover, the cake cutter, and the napkin holder. I love the swirls on the plate though, great touch.

DM9: Dude…. Trouble!

HAHA great idea to have it from a frogs perspective. I love that he has a fly in his mouth and he is already eyeing his next target. Great composition and modeling, my only change would be the texturing. The flies body look more like rocks and the frog looks like it has a voroni texture. I would change this to a reptile texture great concept.

3dnotguru: Geek’s Dessert

Not much to say about this one, good job all the way around. I would of liked to see some SSS on the raspberries and have the glass a little bit cleaner, not in the render but some sharper reflections. Actually I would like to see everything just a tad bit more glossy. I always enjoy your weekly entries.

Madewithfeet: Drooling

Haha I like your drooling cake monster. A couple things I would add/change, I would of like to see the reflection of the cake in the monsters eyes instead of what looks like fire. You could maybe add a little more drool and put a glass shader on it so it looks more like drool. Just to add a little something extra I would put a cherry or something that the monster loves on top of the cake, just to bring more focus to the drooling part of the image.

Purbosky: from a dessert to a date

I don’t have very much to say about this one, this could of very easy been a winner. It looks like something out of a magazine. I love the bon appetite card, nice touch. My only complaint about this image is something is off with the spoon. It doesn’t look fake but it looks very cheap compared to the nice restaurant you are eating at. I am not really sure how to make a spoon look expensive. Lol

Midnightcpu: Marble delight

It looks like you did everything very well. The modeling looks good, the lighting looks good and the texturing is good. Something that I would change that would drastically help your image is the composition. I don’t know what to look at? I would bring the camera closer to the cake with a nice depth of field and have the ice cream behind it. Also, even though that is a very spotless floor, why is the food on the floor? Maybe dessert for the pets?

Gourav_K7: Chocolate-yum!

That looks like a delicious dessert to me! I love those things. A couple suggestions is to work more with the lighting. It seems a little flat. The spoon almost seems like it is floating. You could use a little harsher shadows. Also it looks like the chocolate pieces are on the outside of the glass. Good job.

Fcharr: Cake Castle

Looks like a fun place to be at. So many colors everywhere. Good job with the modeling and the composition is nice. I would of liked to see the ice cream a little more shiny and maybe some forks for the cake. I know you love a variety of colors but I would try to pick a color theme and don’t deviate from that. I feel the table and the floor are too distracting and take away from your image. I would simplify them a little.

GIPeN: Brownie Ice Cream

Well again this looks like it could of came straight from a magazine. This is also my all time favorite dessert (brownies with icecream or a PIZOOKIE from BJs if you know what that is). Honestly I would throw it up on shutterstock or any photo stock website , you may sell a few a year.

GrimZA: Chocolate Mousee

Good job with the glass rendering. I feel the mouse texture is a little much. I would turn down the bump a little and let it be slightly shiny. Maybe put it at a table to put it in a more exciting place than a white background.

PyBlend: Death by chocolate

Haha this challenge is going to kill us all. I like the mood and the nice lighting. I don’t have much to critique other than the candle flames could all be slightly different, so it doesn’t look like everything was copy pasted. whoever it was that died at least they went out happy.

Green3d: Automatic served cold

I love the idea and great job with the modeling (especially the swirl). I have the opposite advice for your image that I gave others. Everything looks a little too shiny, I would add a little bump to the ice cream and just let a little shine through. Also I would try modeling the cones like this its good practice and will really help your image. The last bit I would change is put a blurred out ice cream parlor image in the background to make it feel like its in the shop. Good job though.

Returntoblender: Mirage

What a cruel joke a mirage can be. I would of liked to see the top of the ice cream and not the bottom of the cup. Maybe you could have the cup in the sand with the “spotlight” shining on it. Just to give it a more interesting composition. Good job.

FortuneB: Desserted Dessert on a desert

A+ for the title hahahaha, I don’t have much to say about this image. Everything is done very well. I like the mood the modeling the lighting. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Although, if I came across that in the middle of the desert I would be very cautious. It looks like someone is trying to trap Superman .

Millani: Little Kiss

Once again, another image that looks like it came right out of a cookbook or magazine. I love how you did the crystals. I would not change a thing with this image. Again I would say throw it up on a stock photo site and I am sure you will sell some.

Zachman: Banana Pudding

Nothing to say at all. Perfect image. I wouldn’t change a thing. Congrats on the win.

SystemAgnostic: Cupcake

I hope you learned a lot from the tutorial. Looks like you modeled everything very well. So next up I would consider watching texturing tutorials just to add in a touch more depth to the image. Also I would watch some photography lighting tutorials to add some more dramatic lighting to your scene. Good job and keep going.

Nitram_2000: Silver Platter

Great job! Again not much to say, most everything looks very good. I would just tone down the bump mapping some on the top fruits and the icing, It’s a little too much. Also the Depth of Field looks a little off to me. I would put the focus on the 1st cupcake as it follows the rules of thirds better than a cupcake in the center. Other than that great image.

OLG: Digestif – my favorite dessert

As always your work is very good. I love how the liquid and reflections look. The nice subtle bump on the cherries is perfect. Maybe the ground pattern is a little too busy for me. A nice antique wood table with the cherries on a napkin and the cups on a nice coaster would help the mood. Anyway its down to preference at this point. You did a great job.

Joshwinkler3d: Baked salted caramel custard

Almost a perfect piece. I love the eggs in the background I love how realistic everything looks. The only thing bothering me is the drips look like they are coming from nowhere. I would add a little bump to the top of the drips so it looks like its coming from the top caramel. Just being nit picky, great job.

Helge: The Heist

I wish I had your creativity, Although I don’t know if the spider is stealing the M&M’s or putting them on (ahhh duh its called the heist so I guess he is a bad spider lol ). I would love to see that turned into a little animation. I also love the texturing you did on the wrapper. As always love it.

Marcoizzo: Dessert

I am really curious what your scene looks like. I am having a hard time telling if this was done with grease pencil or are they 3D models with a hand drawn texture?. I love the banana, not sure what the black thing is. It’s a little too much to look at, I am not sure what to focus on. I would take a couple things out and maybe make the banana the main focus.

RobertT: Gliese 5810Compote

HOW!?!? I can’t even comprehend what your 3D scene looks like. Beautiful color theme. I only hope you are printing your art to sell. My only critique would be, quit being so awesome.

(FlyingBanana) #22

@icyou520 thank you for the suggestions and the vote as well. Another thing I wanted to do is add more differentiation to the strawberries with a gradient texture painted ss. Also I was thinking of adding some smudge details to the metallic and glass cover. And finally maybe some strawberry sauce swirled around with the chocolate sauce on the plate. But after dealing with a giant bank nightmare that left me with a whole zero dollars in my accounts all because my bank sold out to another bank and swore I wasn’t going to be involved in the transition. Just now today I got some resolve and “they are working on it”

(icyou520) #23

Yikes that sounds terrible! I hope it all works out for you. You did a fantastic job.

(GIPeN) #24

Thank you!

(purbosky) #25

Congrats @Zachman on the winning! :partying_face:

Thanks @icyou520 for the feedback! Tried to give some patterns on the spoon handle to make it not too plain, not sure if it’s clearly seen, lol. Hope the story conveyed too. It’s supposed to be not a too fancy restaurant though, or maybe it is but… some certain kind of spider stole all the expensive spoons? * glares at @Helge *

Anyway, thanks again for the comments. It’s been fun reading them! :grinning:

(Zachman) #26

Wow thanks everyone! Great renders! I really love the variety that these contests bring in every week

(Green3d) #27

Thank you for your suggestions icyou520. it really helps me learn many ways to improve.

Also is their a source i can find HDRI photos of an ice cream parlor ?

(Green3d) #28

Congrats Zachman.

(joshwinkler3d) #29

I would think you could use a general outdoor HDRI for lighting and an image of an Ice Cream parlour as a background plate.

(joshwinkler3d) #30

Great job @Zachman and @FlyingBanana - that was a close one. Well done to everyone who took part, glad you had fun with this theme.

Thanks @icyou520 critiques can be a lot of work - for my entry there are a few things I could do better with time, the drips did stand out a bit - I hoped having them between the caramel on the top and on the plate would be enough :slight_smile:

(Green3d) #31

thank you. great idea

(icyou520) #32

@joshwinkler3d said exactly what I was going to say about the HDRI.

(RobertT) #33

Thanks so much, @icyou520!

Here’s a partial look at the 3D view:


(OLG) #34

@Zachman, Congrats! Awesome render.

@icyou520, Holy cow. You need to pace yourself lol. You are going to burn out early. That was awesome and much missed critiques.

So a thank you for doing all that work.

(icyou520) #35

Just an idea.

I think this could help everyone in multiple ways. I do NOT think this should be taken very seriously, but it could make sure we always have critiques and it doesn’t always have to fall on 1 person.

The WINNER of the WC has to critique everyone on the theme that they chose. Since they are disqualified from entering anyway.

If the winner does not feel comfortable doing it or are just to busy, it will fall back to me or anyone else that wants to do it.

  • Fantastic idea!
  • Worst idea I heard this week
  • Stop making polls

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(Midnightcpu) #36

Lol ya I know about forced perspective but never used it well I take it back I used it once in 12 years :grin:
my style is to leave everything in view even if it’s out of focus because, it gives more to look at but, I guess it can’t hurt to try it every once in a while​:yum::smiley::slight_smile:
my question would be what was you more focused on ,glass, reflection, cake, ice cream, tile, lighting :thinking:
the tiles were designed for a floor but I haven’t altered it to a table yet
And thanks for the critique looking forward to seeing more :sweat_smile::smirk:

(icyou520) #37

That was the problem, I didn’t have a focus, the floor was throwing me off. If you want to leave everything in the scene that is fine, but you will need to be a lot more precise with your lighting values, and how you arrange all the objects, meaning you’re going to have to strategically place lights and shapes to control the viewers eyes, with bright and dark areas.I don’t think an HDRI will give you enough control. If you look at all the great artist, even in a very busy scene, they are playing with lighting/contrast/shapes to guide your eye.

Hope that helps.

(Midnightcpu) #38

Lol ya I was going to use vinuge can’t spell it lol but, I didn’t know I had untill Monday to finish :joy: so I rushed it like a few hours of modeling, displacing, procedure texturing, micro displacing and so on
the last WC I was in didn’t have mondays
I guess I’ll do a little better next time but not too much😄

(Nitram_2000) #39

Thanks for the feedback, and well done to the winner. Some tasty entries for sure.

As for mine, the fruit went from a smooth cheery to a strange rasperry once I scaled the whole scene down. I was playing with the DOF when I realised that the whole scale was off, hence the f-stop numbers not working correctly. After scaling I tried to apply it but it messed up some of the models, so I left the scaling as is, but, as you see, it wreaked havoc with my fruit texture.

And yeah, I switched the DOF to the middle once the textures were all over the place. I didn’t have any time left to go in and change them all.

So yeah, happy with my first entry. Time is always my biggest problem over the weekends, so I’m usually limited to about 8-12 hours for the whole project. A great motivator to help me do everything quicker/think outside of the (default) box.

(Helge) #40

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you like the little eight legged thief. :slight_smile: