Challenge #816 (08/02/19) Entries CLOSED

(kaidoe) #21

Pure Cycles (1000 samples) - “Road Closed”

Trying to learn some basics about lighting and making a decent looking render, so just a simple model but made from scratch using good searches for “road block” etc… (going with a very mild view of the apocalypse - roads would be closed I suppose :smile:)

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(derosaron1) #22

Well Gang, here be my entry for this week. I call it “Zombie Apocalypse…Now”. It’s an open entry, zombies
were made in MakeHuman. Posed in Blender. Render in Blender Render.

Some one had to do Zombies. LOL

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(Belta ink) #23

A lot of good stuff Going On. So i saw The challenge Was Apocalypse now So I came Up with This Concept.

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(Millani) #24

You Can’t Kill a Dead Man

Pure entry. Numbers on the numpad and text were made with Inkscape, the rest was made with Blender using procedural textures.

This is based on a system from the Soviet Union called “Dead Man”. It was supposed to launch a counter attack in the event that high ranking officials were killed in a surprise attack.

Old version

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(Jonathan Ramos) #25

The Last Messenger

Pure - Blender 2.80 - Cycles - 200 samples.

Hi everyone!

The theme for this week is very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing your entries!

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(Jonathan Ramos) #26

It’s simple, but it’s well made. The lighting is perfect.


The four horsemen

This is my Pure entry. It is inspired by the bible’s legend of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Each horseman has a color and a weapon that has a symbolic signification (death, conquest, famine and war).
128 samples in 2.79b
Procedural textures with two pictures for the bump maps.

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(BlenderRens) #28


(Helge) #29

Maybe the value will rise above 0% next week. For this one things aren’t looking very good, indeed. :wink:

It does! If history hadn’t played out the unfortunate way it did, Freddie would probably have gotten an invitation to the Ayreon project. I’m not sure if he would have accepted the offer, thought.

(RobertT) #30

Here is my non-competing entry:


Pure Blender 2.79, Cycles render, only procedural textures.


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(joshwinkler3d) #31

Get YOUR Apocolypse, Now!*

Pure, bunker interior design - no price listed yet :slight_smile:

Not too bad for a days work, all me and my laptop can do right now.

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(Nitram_2000) #32

My entry - Apokalypse NOW!

Another take on the film of the theme title.

Only had a few hours to try and fire something out but I had great fun making this. Modeled a couple of heads, did a super simple smoke sim, and I couldn’t figure out the render layers. So yeah, I’ve learnt some new stuff. :slight_smile:

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(OLG) #33

This one is my new favorite. All your art is wonderful though.

Phenomenal render.

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(Millani) #34

I’ve updated my entry. You know, yesterday I thought my entry was complete garbage it wasn’t even worth to compete with it, but I’m quite okay with it now. I guess not everything is doomed. :slight_smile:


thanks! I am very proud of the result. I think I managed to do something good with the lighting this time!

(kaidoe) #36

Hey thanks, really means a lot!