Challenge #821 (15/03/19) Entries CLOSED

(Peetie) #21

It’s inspired by the popular orange/teal colours which you see a lot in posters for movies. The idea behind that I believe was that humans are often in the foreground, and to make them pop out a cyan or teal color is used at the background (opposite color of the human skin). Then on the foreground there is a warmer color, orange. Maybe it is also related to blackbody colors for lights.

(RayVelcoro) #22

Still obsessed with glass over here, here is my wip. Gonna spend some more time on the sand later on since the theme is sand after all :slight_smile:

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(LeighAH) #23

A fairly quick one from me. Pure Blender. I haven’t used the compositor much so I was trying to play around with it to create an old photo effect.

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(skadoosh) #24

Oh, i wanted to make Hourglass too, but i dont know how to make sand visible inside. It’s always distorted and glass looks like it is couple centimeters thick

(RayVelcoro) #25

Try place a pointlamp within the glass and above the sand, then go to Object > Cycles Settings > Ray Visibility and turn off Transmission rays.

(skadoosh) #26

Thank you, but unfortunately that didn’t fix my problem. I’ve changed IOR value and sand is finally visible, but glass still doesn’t look right. Maybe you have some good tutorials about glass? I can’t find any that would help me understand how this works ._.

(RayVelcoro) #27

Have a look at my .blend. Maybe it can help you to achieve ur goal. (2.80.45+)

(Helge) #28

I’m not sure about your models geometry, but maybe it just isn’t hollow. A simple way to get thin walls (like with hour glasses or light bulbs) is adding a solidify modifier. It is fast and can still be adjusted later on.

Modifiers and Weekend Challenges (well, tight timings in general) usually go together very well. :slight_smile:

(skadoosh) #29

Thank, you. I need to check it as soon as i get home. Yours looks way better

It might be it… i might forgot to make it hollow ahaha

(RayVelcoro) #30

Personally I try to avoid solidifying glass. I play around with IOR values somewhere in between .7 to 1.4. With some proper lighting it usually does the trick. Lots of samples, no denoisers, save as 32 bit exr, load it into PS and go to Camera Raw settings and see the magic happening.

(.exr from 2.80.48 gives a file error in PS. I am sure this bug will be fixed soon.)

(Helge) #31

Of course, it always depends on the circumstances, but so far I haven’t had many problems with this approach. I find it rather relaxing as, usually, realistic IOR values work right out of the box. Have you been experiencing any particular issues with the modifier on simple geometries?

(ar2) #32


I couldn’t resist to try something reading this theme. I hope that I will find a bit time tomorrow to push it a bit further.

Pure blender, textures procedural.

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(Midnightcpu) #33

heres the file for you guys there is not much a tut on it should explain itself and have fun making explosions with an s not singular :wink:random multi explosion (189.1 KB)

(OLG) #34

Sand Tiger Shark


Cycles, 2048 samples, filmic, rendered in 4K, volumetrics, GrasWald add-on ($), image filters post Paintshop Pro

Not entirely happy with the image but not super displeased either. 15 minutes to model the shark, many hours playing with the composition and lighting. Still not good at it.

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(FlyingBanana) #35

Poor lil guy looks sad that all the other fishies swam away.

(Midnightcpu) #36

think I have something for this going to use live image and compositor with some 3d assets :thinking: might do some roto or green screening, color gradient, and some masking not Shure yet ill have to see how it turns out

(OLG) #37

Sharkie is sad. His new dinner friends had to leave early before he got to the restaurant.

I sometimes miss Florida. Sharks, bears, panthers and alligators everywhere. lol. Okay only really alligators and sharks were everywhere. Florida does have bears and panthers but you never see them.

(Izac Peterson) #38

Sandcaslte. Pure, competing entry.

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(domosk) #39

Abandoned battleground.
First render(This is my entry):

Everything is blender, only used Gimp for compositing and a stock image for background since I can’t afford to render it all in one piece. Inspiration for the ship came from Eric Geusz.

Second render (All blender except the clouds, those were painted in gimp):

I still can’t decide between these two. What do you guys think?

-Decided, first one is the one.

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(RayVelcoro) #40

Now I would say last one. If u manage to have the sand interact more with the chesspieces I would say the first though.

like so;