Challenge #869 "high density" (14/02/20) Entries CLOSED

Here’s my entry. :grin:


Atomic H2O Fuuussssiiiiooonnnn Haaaaaaaaa

Blender cycles


75 samples 4096 x 2160 resolution

Color management in blender

Composited in blender

Qube Multiresed

Displacement with procedural texture

Nodes translucent and transparent for the shell
The inner is emission sphere with Musgrave procedural texture in 3 colors

The background is a glass cup and water inside the cup nodes.
The nodes for the glass has Musgrave texture for a frosted look on the glass and the water is a light blue color the bubbles are just a sphere with a glass shader.


Been watching dragon Ball super for the past few days. :sweat_smile:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Cable nightmare
Pure. Cycles.

Inspired by pictures like this one:


Ah, São Paulo…

Here’s My entry:
“the anomaly”
pure - cycles - 128 samples

I made a very dense smoke simulation with a few frames, and a blackhole/wormhole shader using refraction bsdf and the layer weight node, wich I appliaed to a dounut around the “planet”, to get the distortion effect. also made some ice crystals to the ring and used an space HDRI that I had made [ it’s very hard to find a free space env. map, so if you want one, I have posted one here:(Space hdri). It’s not very good, but gets the job done.]


You do know you can make an hdri image by your self.

I been getting ready to start making hdri images got the stuff to do it if I wanted to.

I looked up tutorials on how to make hdris and it’s basically simple if you can take the time to learn it. :grin:

All you do is make a panorama and use a program to turn it into an hdri. :v::+1:

so much stunning entries already!


Yes, I know. I tried a few times, and filed most of them. the “hdri’s” i made were done with cycles panoramic rendering, but I really need to learn how to do proper hdri’s of the places I visit.

lost some pretty mad views that way. :slightly_smiling_face:
but space stuff is kinda hard to do, since I’m no astronaut. maybe Combining a lot of different NASA imagery, like satellite/ISS images. although they vary so much in terms of resolution/ color adjustment and general zoom level that stitching them together is a task for someone more patient than me.


I haven’t took the time to study it yet but I’ll get around to it sometime I know how to do it and have the programs for it and the camera for the rotation of the panorama withe the tripod

If I start making hdris I’ll post them here on the WC but it’s hard telling when ill start making them it wouldn’t take long to learn how to stitch the images together I watched a few tutorials on how to do it

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Or just get a 360° camera with a high enough dynamic range. although expansive, probably solves most of the problems at once. The stitching would be a bigger problem with these, but as long as the result is half-way decent, I would trade that off easily for the advantages of a (mostly) hands-off approach.

Here’s something I made

I used the world settings with procedural textures it was all composited accept the stars it’s a sphere with an emmision in a particals system



Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

Density is also a concept in graph theory. It is basically the number of edges in the graph divided by the number of possible edges.
The densest graphs there are are the complete graphs. Interestingly, one can show that any dense graph “contains” a large complete graph, and obviously any complete graph is dense.

This image contains a couple of complete graphs, the one in the center having 75 nodes.

As a side note, I used a python script to generate the graph out of two meshes (one for the nodes and one for the “edges” (not to be confused with the mesh edges)).


I have a question…
why are you guys talking about hdri stuff in a high density challenge

Technically stars are high density when they become Nova, super Nova and so forth. :v::grin:

We were talking about the different ways to create a space scene with stars. :sweat_smile:

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Good point:)

High Density Plating


Cycles, 500 samples, rendered at 4k, hull node ($), post processing with Paintshop Pro, Shadermap Pro


Gold is pretty high density.
Cycles, pure


Fading City
open Entry , Cycles , colors and clouds in GIMP