Space hdri

I’m making a deep space scene I’ve searched many ways to make a starry sky but they all involve nighttime on a planet. How do I create a deep space hdri I have some space images that I’d love to wrap around and could hide the seam via editing. But when I put them in the stars don’t show and it just doesn’t work right.

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By HDRI you mean environment map?

I made a spherical star map from some of my night sky photographs a couple years ago, you could give that a try if you want


Yes but I need it to be spherical. Sorry still learning environments. I’d love to give it a shot. Applying it as an environment tex should put it everywhere right?

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Is the pic you attached hig enough resolution or would I need the file

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Open in new tab and save. It is a spherical image.

awesome thanks ill let youknow how it goes

a bit late, but as you still can’t find any Space hdri’s thought I should reply here.
the star map helped a lot, thanks!
here are some environment maps I made with it and Gimp:


and the low res preview:


Thank you so much for sharing the background

Hi! I was wondering if Zeke_Faust’s spherical sky map was still available anywhere?

is that 360d or 180d?

Thanks man, you helped me a lot!

Great… helps me a lot in creating my imagination in blender through animation… thanks

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You can watch my animation also, made using these hdr files with earth space craft and moon

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