Challenge #920 "Fantastic machine or vehicle" (05/02/21) Entries CLOSED

I think, Blenderkit is a little special. The Add-on comes with Blender, but in the end it is just an interface for downloading resources from an external service. So, these are still pre-made models (either by yourself of from someone else) and I think it would be fair to treat them just like that when thinking about the pure/open categorization.

However, since your question was about textures: I still think that usually textures shouldn’t have a large impact on the pure/open categorization. There might be cases where textures are used in a rather unfair way (like mapping a photo on a plane and calling it a pure entry), but the texture’s source (blenderkit, local assets, camera, inkscape, gimp,…) shouldn’t make much of a difference. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on an entry I thought I’d get done today, but yesterday morning we got 8 inches of snow and lost power, which still isn’t back. Woodstove keeps us warm, but I can’t post from a cellphone.

Just in case it is just discourse preventing you from posting: If you have any way to get the image into the internet, just let me know and I’ll add it to the voting manually, tonight.

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The Caterpillar Express

Pure entry. Everything made in Blender, only procedural textures.

Not exactly a machine, but with a little fantasy, I think I can call this a vehicle. :slight_smile:


Temporal Reconfiguration Array

Open entry. Cycles render, moon texture from Planetpixelemporium (plus procedural for gradient transparent effect), background and lighting with HDRI and sun lamp, other effects and final touch up with GIMP.

Workbench render :


I used a texture from Should I then categorize it as open?

Strandbeest, Pure, Eevee

I was hoping to rig and animate this for a walk cycle but I didn’t even know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions for tutorials? I’m thinking mainly of the rigging.


Okay, then I can call my entry pure :slight_smile:

Mech machine



It depends on the rest of the scene. But as long as there is more to the entryt than the texture image, I think you’ll be fine calling it pure. Just try to keep things fair. :slight_smile:

Suzanne’s Bubble Machine

Pure entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.91.0. Environment map is sunrise.exr (one of Blender’s included studiolights). Thing I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: more modeling than I’ve ever done for a Weekend Challenge, although I wanted the brass blower more ornate and better wood and iron materials, I ran out of time.

SuzannesBubbleMachine035.blend (2.0 MB)


Nice U have my vote :slight_smile:

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Entry Pure.

Flying City

The Texture for the flying ship was from textures .com. I also used an hdri from hdri haven, however it was simply for better lighting, and it was not visible to the camera. The stars in the background are done using particles. If this makes it an open entry instead then just put it into the open entry category. Everything else was just textured in blender.

This was a fun entry to make, so I hope you enjoy it. It isn’t perfect, I really would have liked to add more buildings, as well as make the entire scene look more atmospheric, and more like it was taking place in outer space. But who cares. In the end I don’t think it looks too bad.


Impressive entries this week … Good luck for everyone.

Same to you! Everyone got really creative for this weeks contest theme.

I think it was a very good theme… everyone might show own skills and own interpretation. Hard to choose this time

Glad you made it in time. That snow can be a pain…
I’m pretty sure our parrot didn’t expect this when he moved from Costa Rica to Germany:


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Lots of creativity here, good job everyone!

So here I am again, posting the eevee version first, because Cycles does not like volumetrics, and I’m getting worryingly close to the time limit.

“How to survive your first inter-dimensional vacation (The interportal5000 guide for dummies)”
pure - Eevee

hopefully the cycles version will get ready before the contest ends.

More project info:

I started by sculpting the squid thingie, and then moved to the astronault guy (he was done with the cloth filter and lots of masks) all the seeweed was also done by me.The only non-procedural textures were used on the fishes on the background, (I used the quickie fishie method by Ian hubert) but the fishies don’t even show up anyway.
other angles and such will be posted here too, as soon as the final render is done :slight_smile: