Challenge #923 "Shop" (26/02/21) Entries CLOSED

Temptations at the Checkout

Open entry, Cycles render, 64 samples & compositor denoising in 2.92.0. Composition is Rule of Thirds, 8x5 aspect ratio, 85mm focal length with DoF, roughly square hue palette. Environment is interior.exr (one of Blender’s included studiolights), other than that all textures are procedural. Thing I did for this that I’ve never done in Blender before: filled a cylinder with Suzannes.

Open because I used historic models that (unlike Suzanne and the Newell Teapot) don’t come with Blender, the Sutherland Team’s VW Bug and the Stanford Bunny. The rest of the modeling (feet & wind-up knobs for the teapots, trim for the VW Bugs, the display bases, etc) I did inside of the WC period.

I wanted more detail (printing on the display bases, fingerprints on some of the surfaces) but I don’t think I’ll have time, so I’m posting this now.