UV-Unwrapped Stanford Bunny - Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring Equinox! Seems like a good day to post a bunny-thing . . .

I’ve been playing around with the Stanford Bunny – I patched the hole between the forelegs, deleted most of the underside, uv-unwrapped it, then used Joakim Tornhill’s “pointiness” procedural shader setup and baked it to get a grayscale texture map. In GIMP I colorized a layer of that into a cream base and colorized another into a pink for the ears and nose-mouth (used a layer mask to “paint” that onto the base layer). Did the eyes in Inkscape with a brush-filter added in GIMP.

This is a Cycles render with Troy Sobotka’s Filmic OpenColorIO configuration for Blender’s color management. Although I usually adjust my render colors in GIMP, this time I wanted to see if I could get what I was looking for (higher saturation and a bit warmer) using just the color management in Blender – in the Use Curves box C is X 0.62 & Y 0.23, and I dropped the Blue a smidge (X 0.5 & Y 0.485)

Then I thought I’d try for the whitewashed terracotta look of the original bunny – don’t think I quite managed it.

Just in case somebody’d find this useful I’ve put the files up at DropBox – if you want everything (Blender files, GIMP files, etc) it’s nearly 75MB, but just the modified OBJ and textures for it is less than 3.5MB.

20180310_KickAir8P_UVUnwrapped_Stanford_Bunny.zip 72.6MB

20180310_KickAir8P_UVUnwrapped_Stanford_Bunny_OBJ-JPG.zip 3.3MB

All contents of these zip files are CC0 2018 KickAir8P - Public Domain with the following exceptions:

  • Although the Stanford Bunny has been made freely available for non-commercial use, it is not public domain.
  • The HDRI (studio015.hdr) used in the blend files is from zbyg’s HDRi Pack 1 under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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