Challenge #923 "Shop" Voting CLOSED

I think a lot of 3d artists forget hat they are making a 2d image when doing these kind of competion. The entries i think are the best are the ones that have beautiful colors, composition and are an interesting image. Planning out the image in 2D first might help show what parts you then need to focus on when it comes to materials and modelling.

That said I myself always forget to do that and get stuck doing useless things that don’t contribute much to the image!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Snail trail leads here: Shop Shop! :wink:

Yeah, i guess i want to show to much, but with a near shot it is not to see that it is a mouse hole shop in the wall, which i want to show.

Yes, with a rim light for the character this is a better view.
I did not like the distortion in the first place, but this would make the chance to add a funny electric socket in the wall, which i wanted in the first place but got no place for it.

Thats a nice one :slight_smile:
I thought off adding hairy mouse ears but just simply adding a mouse tail is a good and easy idea. Also putting the shop in the corner, like 2rock mentioned too, i can show more in a smaller frame. Perhaps i could rotate the frame 90° to show the wall and add the socket there.

Did you postprocess that externly?

Thanks for your input, @KickAir_8P , @2Rock , @Helge
i will put this in mind.

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Just a quick note if I wasn’t clear enough, I was only trying to point out some unfair things to make it more fun for everyone, I didn’t attack anyone. I’ve been on this site for like 5-6 months since I’ve started learning Blender (I didn’t even know how to open Blender at that time lol, I was like “do I choose General, Modeling or what?”) and I voted for @Millani, @rigoletto, @pelemele (that pumpkin is awesome by the way) etc quite a few times, their works always surprise me.

But I’ve noticed the winning results are usually very silent, so I kinda believe I’m not the only one having these thoughts. Just competing is fun, but the winner invalidates your work, in the end this IS a competition. I bet many people feel an aura of unfairness sometimes.

What I mean is, you could use any software you want, as long as your work is yours, it’s still your skill that plays in. But external assets (usually made by professional artists, and not in 4 days!) greatly boost the final result so the question is who does actually win this? The competitors or the original artists who made the assets? In a commercial world everything is allowed as long as it doesn’t break the law, but in a challenge? If you replace those assets in your work with your own effort, would you still win? It just looks to me that open entries ruin the challenge, that’s all I’m saying. I assume the voting system is connected to how the site works and it can’t be changed, so I’ll leave that as it is.

Don’t mind me if you disagree, I’ve only said some things that needed to be said, feel free to skip over my opinion.

The way I look at these challenges are.

  1. They help to motivate users to keep creating
  2. They promote time constraint workflows
  3. They help for those times when in “creators block” when you are having a hard time coming up with something to create
  4. They are not to be taken to heart on results, if you get votes Yayyyy if not then Oh Well you were still creating
  5. Most importantly they are meant to just be a FUN show and tell of what you came up with.

But as you said that is just my opinion of the way I look at these challenges.


Yep. I completely missed that it was meant to be a baseboard. I thought it was on the far side of a road and you’d been very lazy texturing the skyscraper / Rest of the street.

I also meant to ask about the font. How do you change it in Blender)?

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Really, i thought the wallpaper makes it obvious to recognize :grin:

@Helge, how do you get the camera setup you can see the shop without angle, but also look down the wall, i cant get it.

I select the font directly from the folder where they are saved. Afaik blender did not search for fonts by itself. But you can setup a font folder in the preferences under file path.

Nope, I didn’t spot it either – thought it was a shop at the base of a skyscraper. I realized the floorplane was wood, which I thought was odd, but didn’t get the point. :hot_face:

I think you’ve stumbled into the local version of “Is Photography Art?” TLDR / IANAL-TINLA: legally yes in most countries, ethically yes by general consensus – photos taken of what already exists, whether that’s an aspect of nature or manmade works, including artworks, can themselves be art because the photographer makes artistic choices on composition, lighting, etc that can make a photo more than just a visual copy of what already exists. By the same token, your renders of somebody else’s models are your art, not theirs (which doesn’t mean anybody should claim credit for modeling work they didn’t do, but that’s a different issue). Bringing this back to the Weekend Challenge, the challenge is not about modeling! It’s “create a cool image” etc. Although the rules mention models a lot, they were written about twenty years ago, well before Blender’s Grease Pencil (for example) was a decent artistic tool in its own right.

Going back through the Weekend Challenges anyone can see multiple examples of in-ambit high-workload models in average renders getting far fewer votes than simpler stuff artistically shown to advantage in a “cool image”.

But I’ve been participating for over a year, and in that time I’ve seen several discussions of which rules are currently considered non-obsolete, what the rules and pure/open catagories really mean, if it’s time for a rules update, and what the upcoming rules should be. I think it’s good for people, especially confused newbies, to bring up these things because it keeps the conversation live and makes it clear these are still issues.

Anyway, here’s a list of links on the subject/s that might be helpful:

Purity of objects generated by Blender’s included Addons

Human figure – how much has to be done during the challenge for purity?

Time for a WC Rules update?

“If I use textures from a 3rd party on models I made myself, should I mark it as open or pure?”

“ . . . the primary point of the Weekend Challenge . . . ”

Outside textures’ impact on purity

What can Pure entries include?

Interpretation of each Weekend Challenge’s theme

That thought crossed my mind, too. But looking at the time, I went with just the tail to speed things up.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Fitting everything into one image without making it confusing or distracting the viewer from the important parts can be a challenge all by itself.

Actually, this is just a screenshot from the viewport. The strange artifacts are caused by denoising at low sample counts. :slight_smile:

I changed the camera’s focal length to 120 mm and moved the camera back quite a bit. This reduces the perspective distortion (almost like a camera in orthographic mode).
little_shop8_edit.blend (2.8 MB)


so hey I am new and I have missed out on this weekend challenge as I came to know only on the day of closing so may I know when the next topic is gonna be announced so I can be prepared :blush: thank you, Yáll. Also all the entries look amazing :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi the new topic was posted in the “weekend challenge” category today :slight_smile:
According to the rules the winner is declared on wednesday night, he then has until thursday night to provide a new topic. Usualy the new topic is posted every thursday or friday and it is a new thread everytime (one for the entries and another one for voting)

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thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: found the thread, thanks

That’s much much better, with such a simple change.

As i changed the sign, i must :laughing:, what if i add a beer sign, neon topless nude sign, it’s a topless bar :rofl:


that’s good with the bunny, but the sign needs some lights

that looks like a topless bunny :crazy_face:

Looks great! “Magic Bunny” is an interesting name, indeed. I think, you have a few meters of baseboard left - you could fit a whole nightlife district in there. :wink: