Challenge #986 "Stairs" (13/05/22) Entries CLOSED

It is lost in the jpg compression or hidding outside and prepare to steal the bike :smiley:

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Maybe they cheated on the wooden staircase and it contains a core made of steel or carbon - but such constructions are possible. I found a picture that also served as an idea and inspiration for me.

Many, many years ago (22, 23 years) I was a very hungry and poor freelancer in web design and always did many tangible jobs to earn money :slight_smile: One of them was helping out at various positions on the EXPO 2000 construction site in Hanover - Among other things, I was allowed and able to work on the largest wooden roof in the world (which is still standing - although I helped :wink: ). That’s why I know from my own experience what is possible with wood.

I still have my merch mug from back then and have been using it daily for 22 years :coffee:

Regarding the squirrel, Rigoletto was more correct :slight_smile:


A bit of both :slight_smile: The squirrel is sitting outside by the bike and it was probably “compressed” a bit :slight_smile:

I was amazed anyway: I had created and uploaded the picture with almost 480 kb - and then it was here with just over 200 kb in it. I have no idea how that came about.


The coffee mug is a nice relic from the past :slight_smile:

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Hehe, fundation arc.

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yeah - I’m on book 11 of 17 now :slight_smile:

A now old and long-cherished memento. I’m sure: If I put it away safely and don’t use it anymore, it will break :slight_smile:


nice, but I already saw the same concept on Facebook

What exactly did you see on Facebook? How do you mean that?

That is probably true :smile: Twenty-two years of daily usage without dropping the mug is quite impressive.
It reminds me of a cup of coffee that self-exploded in my hand while standing in line in a cafeteria. I was left standing there only with the handle around my finger :wink: