Character portrait

I made a 3d Portrait of my character Alita, a mermaid (hence the gills)
here’s the WIP thread: Character portrait sculpt


creation time-lapse:

made a render from the side view

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This one is confusing… On the one side it looks like a female character with the hair and the eyes but on the other hand its totally male. The parts are well made but the mix is in my opinion not the best option here. In your WIP Thread it looks acually better expecially before retopo

yeah, she did end up looking a little manly tbh, but it fits her personality so I’m not too botherd, I made a few somewaht experimental stylistic choices also

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here’s the back the left braid turned out a bit wierd, particles are frustrating

But overall it is a great model! Just not what i expected but what are those scars on the neck? Can she breathe underwater because there on both sides?

they’er gills XD, couldn’t think of a really good way to make them

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so yeah, she uses them to breathe under water

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